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    Why Mr. Murali Monohar Joshi was sidelined from Central scene from a very long back?

    Mr. Murali Monohar Joshi is a prominent leader of BJP in the past and used to act actively in the party activities. But after Vajpayee's government he has not seen much in activity any where in BJP party. He has not found anywhere in the news or media. Even Modi's government also not given any position for him. Why a leader of such stature who closely associated with RSS was sidelined in your opinion?
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    In politics one should not be stubborn and tow his own line of preference and acceptance. When Modi was named as the probable candidate for the PM Post, there was opposition from Murali Monohar Joshi and Advani and that irked the top brass of BJP and RSS too. Previously there was not dissent voice ever experienced in BJP and Joshi has started that trend which probably not liked by RSS too. So when Modi wont like the people , why should he give prominence to them. But invite always goes for every stalwart of BJP on important meeting and issues to be discussed, while Advani has reconciled for Modi's leadership, Joshi has been sulking and not meeting anyone from the BJP. Nevertheless we cannot forget the greatness of Joshi and he would be needed for the party in long run and by 2019 elections, he shall come back to the fore.
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    B.J .P has taken a good design nominating Mr Ram Nath Kovind as a President.Mr Ram Nath Kovind is a highly qualified person.He is a humble servant of God.He has all the qualities ;which are needed for President of India.As the Governor of Bihar;he was active in social work.He did many things for underprivileged classes.May God Bless Him as a President of India.
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    There should be decision instead of design.
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    Dr. Joshi is now a 'margdarshak' (very senior leader who is above 80) of BJP. He is nowadays not involved in day-to-day functioning of the party.
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    Now in BJP Mr.Modi is the supreme boss and Mr. Amit Shah is next to him. Both of them are very close to each They are working like complimentary to each other. They don't want any senior to play an active role in the party. They want to run the government like a corporate.

    Modi's candidature was not like by Advani and Joshi. Then onwards the party started sidelining them. New blood and new people are coming to front. ``

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