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    With your smart phone are you a activist or just remain as the by stander.

    Before the smart phones came into existence, everyone might have thought that they would use the phone to much extent and can even become a activist to highlight the things happening around us. But many of us have become selfish and contained to take the help of smart phone for our personal use. We can help the governement, enforcement agencies , police and traffic with our images and alerts shared on social media. But we want to remain as by standers even now. What is your say on this topic.?
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    THe prevailing system in the country is not conducive for this. If some body reports about an incident to police, they start the enquiry for the person who reported the incident. They will ask you to come to station and they will come to you. So many questions. So on and so forth. In this society everybody is busy with their own works. They don't have time to spare to make rounds to meet officials. If really law enforcement people wanted to act, they act bu our share in public sites. But they won't do that. They want somebody to Complain. I don't understand why?

    Now as I have a smart phone, if take videos and photos to the police my life will become miserable and nothing is going to happen to the culprit. Only enquiries and trips to police station. So I think nobody use it for these things.

    I use my smart phone for my money transactions, mails reference, whatsapp and other apps on phone. Presently I am peaceful. I want to remain peaceful.

    always confident

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    Hai all,
    I strongly agree with Dr. N V Srinivasa.In today's busy life no one has time to report the incidents happening around.Moreover there will be a lot of legal issues following the same.I believe that, this is the main reason why people close their eyes against any issues happening around.

    People use their smart phones for capturing some accident videos, taking photographs and so on.But they never use those to report it to police or any other authorities.Sometimes those may be great evidences to solve an issue that had happened.But it is often seen that people who reports these evidences has to come across a lot of legal procedures.They may even have to present on the court to clarify their part.

    I had seen many people reporting some social issues on their facebook page.Its actually an eye opener for many people.But still I believe there are some legal issues regarding those.

    Its a fact that we can be just a by stander with our smart phones and not an activist.

    Suffering is the essence of success!

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    I use it communications mostly. I am a moderate user of smart phone and use it for voice and text communications. Now with whats app I send picture and video sometimes. That is all.

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