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    GST portal fails to begin new tax payer enrollment

    GST portal was to begin today morning at 8 am for new tax payers. But even till 10:00 am, the portal did not open.
    This happened even when the government has kept such a tight deadline of 5 days to be a part of the new GST taxation system. When called the GST call center, they replied that due to technical difficulties, the portal could not open for new registrations and are expected to open at 10 am today.
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    The portal has not yet opened even by 10:47 am. Check attached screenshot for proof.

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    Current update from GST portal at 11:30 am is thay the portal will open post 2 pm. This means there is high possibility that the portal may even delay further and may not open as well today. This means that of the 6 days before official launch of GST , 1 day is nearly lost. Check attached screenshot for proof.

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    I think it has become a habit in all Government departments. Fixing a target but couldn't complete it by that date and time. Why they fix such targets when they know that they can't do it. People will not have any confidence in these dates and targets. It is the habit of Government departments to fix non attainable targets.
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    GST registration has finally begun for new Tax Payers who are not registered under VAT/CST or any pre-existing tax systems.
    As promised GST registration for existing tax payers will begin from the 27th June.


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    Too many people might have started opening the GST portal and hence it has crashed. But I saw a Telangana state government ad that the GST portal for registration would open on 26th June.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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