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    Bonded labour- Scarcity mentality and Abundance mentality

    Have you heard about bonded labour? It's a kind of scarcity mentality, opposite of an abundance mentality. Believe it or not, we have always learned to help in a way that actually enables an individual to become independent, self-reliant and free.

    A rich person lends money to a poor man in his moment of need. In return, the borrower has to spend months and years working at very low daily wages to pay back the loan and it's interest. Here, his loan is doubled- Capital + interest. Do you consider this as a help and charity? No, this isn't. This kind of help is only to make the poor a slave forever. Don't consider this as a help, donation, charity or giving alms. This is simply plain stealing from people who are already poor.

    On the contrary, some people render help without any expectations in return. These people actually refer to an abundance mentality. They have self confidence and are pretty sure of what they have and what they can do. These are the people who encourages, appreciates and wish all the success to others.

    I have an Aunty, whom I met way back in 2012. She has been more generous than all the others. It is not because a person is poor or good that we help him; we help him because he needs help. She helped me a lot. She has been supporting me with food, clothes, computer, education and profession. She believes that she didn't do anything to help but she did it for humanity.

    On the contrary, some rich people believe that giving makes people lazy. Is that true? I believe that it is not the amount we give that matters the most. There are many instances which one might have had encountered like, some people donate for publicity while there are others who are really generous but prefer to remain anonymous.

    Here my point is, a person's need for dignity is greater than his need for food.

    Any suggestions, opinions, and further debates will be appreciated.
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    Bonded labour is very very bad. In olden days in village some people used to take loans from some rich people. The rich people will give that loan at very high rate of interest. The poor man has to toil from dawn to dusk but they couldn't get sufficient money to repay the loan. So their family is becoming a bonded labour in the rich man's house. It is not at all help. It is exploitation.

    But now a days these system are gone. Everybody can go to banks and get loans. There many ways and means to earn. I don't think this bonded labour system is not existing.

    Coming to helping the people, it is human to help the needy. If you can afford give loan to a man without any interest and let him repay in installments. That is a help.
    If you have food excess call and give it to one wants to eat. That is help.
    Every human being should help to the needy to the possible extent. Not doing a harm may be a help, nowaday?

    always confident

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    In Telugu we call it Jeethagadu, that means for the loans taken by the elders, the young ones are forced to work for years together at the lender house and the wage given is less and sometimes not accounted for. There is no respect and dignity to the labor. He or she is so treated badly that they have to be ready to work of 24 hours sometimes without break or having food. Even the food is not served with good quality and separate food is prepared for such bonded labors and the hatred inside the home itself too much. No festivities, cut off from family bonding, no enjoyment, totally life would be miserable. Only way to get out of the clutch is to pay the money thus taken by the elders either borrowing from others or doing a paid work with decent salary. This can be achieved with the complaint to law enforcing agency.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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