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    How can many coaching centres claim that a particular topper is from their institute?

    I have seen many coaching institute advertisements where they claim that the top ranks were secured by their students. This happens especially in the case of medical and engineering ranks. For one topper, at least 3 to 4 coaching institutes claim that he/she is from their institution. How is it possible? How can a student study his/her +2(Intermediate) in 3 or 4 institutes at a time?
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    The coaching center in which the student has really attended should only take this credit. If other centres are also claiming it then it is cheating or foul play. If this matter is reported to the authorities the centers will get banging.

    Taking credit for others effort is an offense and punishable under the law. These centers should refrain from such malpractices. Just to protect their business they can not cheat the public.

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    The student who tops any entrance exam is obviously very hardworking. After completing his course and solving all the study material provided by his coaching institute, he goes for solving study material of other institutes as well. Sometimes the student joins the all India online test series of other institutes. So for providing the study material and mock tests, these other institutes take credit without providing the complete information. Hence you see advertisements of different institutes, all claiming that the topper is from their institute.

    Also, they can't be reported as they are partly telling the truth.

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    That is true. What Mr. Nilesh explained is one chance. Another point to note is. Same rank can be obtained by three or 4 people also. These people of same rank may be from different institutes.
    Sometime back I had a different experience. A boy from a school we never joined any coaching centre obtained rank 4 or 5 in the entrance test, Then one big corporate college approached the parents. They offered him free education next two years and they will advertise as if that boy studied that class in their institute. They offered him free boarding lodging, dresses and all expenses for the next two years and the parents accepted. This is another method of claiming ranks from their institutes. All business tactics.

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    This is nothing but business tactics. Afterall coaching institutes run booming business. I have heard that many institutes pay hefty amount to the rank-holders in various entrance examinations for using their names and photos, even if those rank-holders were not students of the particular institutes.

    On the other hand, many students (or their guardians) also play different tactics to ay hefty amount to those coaching institutes. Students (or their guardians) contact different book stores after taking admission in those coaching institutes. They get good amount of money allowing these book-stores to photocopy the study materials and notes. In this way, they partially get back the huge amount paid to the coaching institutes. The book-stores then earn profit by selling these study materials at reduced rate to other needy students. In Delhi, this tendency can be seen.

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    In AP and Telangana some corporate colleges are having the habit to buy the rank holders at a price and then mention their names as if they have taken coaching in their college. Some times the performer in preliminaries would be called by the colleges and help the students to prepare nicely and if that students happens to be the topper, then the colleges claim it as their student, Nevertheless the people are not that fool to believe all those things Parents are interested with good faculties with long standing experience. The getting of ranks is purely the commercial business being done by colleges.
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