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    Fashion trend could be a myth

    Every television channel telecasts at least one program on fashion sense. So it would not be wrong to say that even a 5 year old knows the meaning of "Fashion" and "What's in, What's out". Today the word fashion is symbolized with the dressing or accessorizing sense of a person. We have narrowed down someone's personality to his or her style sense, which we also call "fashion sense".
    But fashion could represent the style or the mode of functioning of any system also. We sometimes say to our juniors in schools or colleges that "This is not the fashion or way to talk to your seniors? Where from have you adopted this fashion?" Fashion could be broadly defined as the pattern or style of functioning of a system which is followed by majority.

    But today the word has just come down to what dress or what bag or what accessory a celebrity is using. Everyone wants to follow that style or fashion. If you can't follow the current trend or popular style, then you are backdated. Have we thought that "what's in" today will be "out of fashion" or a "myth" tomorrow? So why do we poke fun at people who don't follow the so called fashion trend? We should always remember one's heart and thought is more important than what fashion he or she follows. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. So if we feel beautiful on the inside we will consider everybody and their fashion sense to be worthwhile. Pretty soon fashion trend would just be a myth then.
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    Please understand that fashion subject is the deep and hard matter to understand as yesterdays fashion is defunct today and there are every chance for development every day. If you are a fashion designer, your mind would be running for different kinds of fashion every day and there cannot be aping of fashion trend or culture from others. Those who are well versed in fashions would always set their own trend and other would simply follow. So I do not think that fashion is boring, not having future and above all some opine that it is the myth. But seldom they understand that those peruse the fashion they are taking one step forward daily.
    K Mohan
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    Fashion means "to fit". So wearing anything that fits you correctly should be called fashionable. But celebrities today are doing the opposite. They wear clothes designed to make both themselves and the viewer's uncomfortable. Is that fashion? Absolutely not.
    We shouldn't try to mimic them.
    But without giving in to the trend we cannot survive in modern society. Here comes the dilemma.
    I think one should always wear what one's comfortable with. Everything else would only make things awkward.
    Because- you are what you wear.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    As mentioned by Ms.Joyshree the meaning of Fashion has been narrowed down now. Fashion generally represents a method of making or manner of doing something. It is his fashion to work casually. In public people who are having different appearance by having a new style of clothes or a new type of hat or a new type of earrings so and so forth, will attracted by many . They will try to follow them or imitate them. So new type will become popular in the society. It will become fashion of today. Tomorrow again somebody will try something different. This is a cycle and go on continuing like this. But now a days in the guise of Fashion decency is being overlooked.
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    Fashion changes from time to time. Also following from other cultures also growing day by day. We have to teach the next generation about our culture and what is the meaning of fashion. Without knowing the meaning of fashion, there is no meaning for our culture too.

    Fashion mainly giving importance to the people how our behavior shows with respect to dress, body language, communication. So without knowing all these, simply following other cultures or fashion will not work for longer.

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    Fashion is not a myth, but reality. I have not gone deep to analyse the word. But practically what it means is a change from the much used style and moving to a new style. Again after that becomes common going to an uncommon one. So fashion means to me a dynamic and ever changing style in appearance with clothes, facial make up ornaments and anything that we apply on our body and that attracts others attention on us or gives us our own self satisfaction and pleasure without intending to invite any other's attention. Fashion is a matter of style, comfort and convenience too.

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