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    Public school teacher or a bank teller?

    I'm currently teaching in public elementary and i am not happy with my job coz it requires more patience., i decided to retire early and look for another job., is it right if i'll leave my teaching job and apply in any bank positions?
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    It is upto you. Check the salary and working hours of bank jobs. I will always opt for teaching compared to clerical jobs in bank. Grass is always greener on the other side.
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    Then kiss goodbyes to holidays and liesures.
    Banks twist and squeeze their employees.
    The work load in any bank is way too higher than any public school. You should be even more patient in a bank job. Yes the payment and incentives are good but you need to invest a lot of your time working. On the other hand there are sufficient holidays given to the school employees. Timings of your job too are convenient. I'd suggest you to stay in the beautiful art of teaching.

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    What is your age now? You are telling you will retire from teaching time. Did you use this in place Resign.
    Teacher job that to in a elementary school is very very convenient. The timings are good. Holidays are more. Teaching children is fun. You require much more patience to work in banks as you have to deal with many different types of people there. It is not that easy like dealing with children. Salary wise it will be almost same. So I don't feel it is a good move. However it is you who has to decide. Take a correct decision after analysing all pros and cons. All the best to you.

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