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    Introducing daily limits in the Jobs section

    Thanks to the enthusiastic posting of content in the Jobs section. We have overwhelming participating in the Jobs section. However, we are concerned that the quality of the content and details included in the posts are impacted due to the hurry in posting a large number of job posts.

    In order to ensure the quality of job posts and also to ensure all members are given opportunities to contribute, we are introducing a daily posting limit. Most of our other sections already have this limit.

    Starting from today, each member can post a maximum of 15 job posts in any 24 hours time frame. Once you reach 15 posts in the previous 24-hours, system will not allow you to post further posts. Anytime of the day, when you attempt to submit a job post, system will check the number of posts in the past 24-hours.

    Looking forward to see more quality contribution from more members.
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    A number of changes have been implemented in the Job Section, in recent days. They come across as a good move, on many fronts. Though I do not contribute in the section, this change is set to have a positive impact on me and members who contribute in other sections. There will be a significant change in the distribution of the Revenue Share Bonus because of these changes.
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    yes it is good to set the limits on job posts by which the daily traffic to the site can be reduced in small amount.
    This can be the positive impact on me to post the jobs on the site.

    Reguards -

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    Thanks to set a limit in Job section, So all members can post a quality content in Job section. This change will cause distribution of the significant Revenue share Bonus to all members who posting the jobs in the job section.

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    This is the good decision implemented by ISC. I was wondering that when restrictions are imposed in other sections why the job section went unchecked as there are every chance of missing details of employment opportunities details if posted in hurry and now with decision that is ably checked. And I thought job section is the money earning spot for the ISC, and it will be given free hand to every member, but this restrictions the webmaster Tony has once again proved that ISC stands for quality and wont compromise on that even at the cost of loss. This is one more achievement in the cap of ISC.
    K Mohan
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    Really a very nice decision by admin. We will see positive effect of this decision. Thanks to take this decision.
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    Why is this decision a nice decision, Mr. Kuwakhedawala? I am not objecting to this decision because I don't post jobs. But I am trying to understand the rationale behind this decision. Won't great contributors of this section like Mr. Pramod or Mr. Ravishankar (names taken for example) feel their hands are tied?
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    I feel it is good because there are limits for all other sections. But no limit specified for this section. This is how we can give equal importance to all the sections and equal chances to all the members. I also post very rarely in Job section. But I feel it is good so that there is no discrimination from section to section.
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    #601710 – Why have you raised a post questioning one member's response, when practically everyone has welcomed the change?

    The Webmaster has in his post clearly stated two reasons for the implementation of this new rule. I think those reasons are sufficient to appreciate and welcome the decision. Don't you think so? Further, I pointed out how it will impact the RSB. Deserving members will stand to earn more.

    ISC is a platform that provides opportunities to everyone. And this decision is in keeping with that. Now I, you and the others can post in the Job Section, at leisure, and not be in competition with other members who probably have access to ready information. The new rule provides more opportunities to members.

    The Webmaster must have seen some merit in his decision. Let us not begin looking at the impact this decision will have on the earning potential of a couple of members.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Sir please restrict it in a day not in a 24 hours because sir if I had to submit the job posts in the morning then I couldn't be able to submit it on tomorrow morning because I had to submit it after exactly 24 hours, it will be difficult to remember the timing so its better to have a restriction based on date like for example on 26/6/2017 15 job posts limit, on 27/6/2017 15 job posts limit and so on.
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    Babu Saroj,

    I understand our concerns. I will look into this and see if it is feasible to accommodate this request.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    I too support the Babu saroj on this. I have posted some job posts yesterday evening. So, I have to post jobs today evening only. Its better to restrict 15 posts in a day, so that we can post at any time in a day when we are free. And I request webmaster to increase limit to 20 posts per day.

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    First of all I warmly welcome the decision of webmaster. but I too support the Babu saroj and Vamar on this subject. This is because, all contributors of job section are regular in proper time schedule . For example I post all jobs at morning and evening. If I submitted my last job in evening then I am not eligible to post next morning. So Please restrict it in a daily basis not in a 24 hours .
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    Sir, please make it fast, so that we can contribute to job section fast, make it a day limit instead of 24 hours limit, and how to know the timing when I have submitted the first job post in 24 Hours.
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    I appreciate and welcome the introduction of limitations in Job section. Though I am not for the job section, I feel that the RSB share will affect the Job section addicts and help others to earn more share. Good Mr Tony John.
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    If you welcome the decision, you will get points. If you try to understand the rationale behind the decision (without forming any opinion), you will be awarded zero point.

    So, I am also wecoming the decision.

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    Well we don't have any problem with this announcement and it is really good for the site well being, I just want that the admin should restrict the restriction in a day not within 24 hours because we also have works on our home, office etc. and we get only limited times to post the job post in a day. So please do it fast admin.
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    Now onwards members can make job posts at anytime of the day, however the limit of 15 job posts per day will continue.

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