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    Do you think a minimum qualification is required for ministers and other rulers of the governmernt?

    At present definitely there is a vast improvement of literacy rate 74.04% in India when compared to the past after Independence era. Literacy is the factor which influences the positive development and growth of the country. Literacy improves the standards of living and also keeps the country high in various rankings. But after this improvement in literacy rate still Indian government has not brought any amendments in the law to impose a minimum qualification for becoming a MLA, MP, Minister, Governor or any political ruler at any level. Do you think will this change improve the standards of governance or not? Why Political parties never raising this issue in public for debate? Share your good opinion regarding this issue folks?
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    Mr. Rama Krishna, Once I was also thinking in the similar lines that if minimum qualification or education level to contest in elections may improve the system. But when we see it seriously an illiterate in the villages behave very polite and good than an educated. He remembers the help he got from others and tries to help them. But the problem with him is he can't differentiate between people. So he will have a leader and he will simply follow him.
    These leaders are the culprits and they are not illiterates. They misguide the uneducated.
    If you keenly observe all misdeeds are initiated by educated persons only. They understand the law better and they know the loopholes and they are the law makers. So all notorious people with education are doing all unwanted works. So what I feel is there should be a minimum qualification for a voter also. A person who is not having prescribed qualification can't be given vote power. If this rule comes the voter will understand the things better and government will also have people with minimum qualification as a man without voting power can't contest in elections. This is my opinion. The better solution is to make every one literate.

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