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    What do you think about Sex Education in India?

    Sex education is still considered to be a taboo in many parts of the country. But, awaken by the rise in sexual atrocities, the authorities have now started emphasizing on the importance of sex education in schools. Do you have an opinion on the importance or otherwise of sex education in India? Join this discussion and give your opinion/ views on the importance or otherwise of sex education in India. Please keep the posting guidelines in mind while drafting your responses.

    Sex education is considered as an unusual topic by many. In India, some of the schools discuss these topics in brief but there are many schools in which the subject is not taught by the teachers and students are advised to read it on their own; teachers and students find it uncomfortable to discuss the topic. Sex education is still considered to be taboo and the importance of the same is not accepted with all its sanctity. Students may at the most be explained about the human sexual organs but nothing more.

    However, the authorities have started rising to the occasion and has started emphasizing on the importance of sex education. Most of us must have read about classes being taken on menstruation to allay the misunderstandings related to this natural process. Children need to be made aware of the biological differences between a male and female and the different topics related to the same. The aim is to make them aware so that they don't take the wrong path in their curiosity to know more about sex and sexual differences. Curiosity can at times, at least in this case, be dangerous.

    In my opinion, please give full knowledge about sex education to the students so that they don't commit any mistakes. What do you feel?
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    May be true. All subjects we openly discuss except this subject. Many feel bad when somebody is discussing about this subject. It is better if the students will understand the subject they may not have any illusions on this particular topic. I understand that some foreign countries teach this education as curriculum. People will have lot of interest in unknown things and curious to know about that. Once it is wide open there may not be any undue interest on the subject and they may feel it is also like any other human biological need. May be good to introduce. But a lot of work is to be carried out regarding at what level this is to be introduced and up to what extent it should be taught etc.
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    Not yet. We Indians haven't developed sufficient open mindedness yet. We shy away to talk about biological processes like excretion and reproduction. But guess what? We are great at them both!
    Even the co-ed concept isn't being encouraged in many parts because parents are afraid to send their girls to schools alongside boys.
    We objectify women like crazy.
    There are so many things that needs to be taken care of. Without sorting them out first, a proper sex education in schools won't be remotely possible.
    But today's generation is finding it easy to accept western ways. And is willing to be educated about a basic biological process.
    Trivia: there are now nearly 51 genders in USA.

    We need to understand and identify genders. And we need a proper education to do that? Pitiful situation. But in modern age everything is complicated. Even gender identification.

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    When we talk about sex education , we are toddler in that direction. Our system of education and setting of subjects are confined to the society preparedness and not beyond that. Our educational experts feel that sex education should be taught inside the home and mother is the great teacher for that. But invariably the children are most attracted to this subject and having failed to get proper response and counseling on this they resort to review about sex education on the internet without knowing to others. I am also feeling the necessity of teaching the sex education. When in science subject the reproduction is being taught, at least the teacher must take the liberty to tell about importance of sex in human beings and that will give the right education to the students. Consequently the mother should take lead and educate the girl child on this.
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    Sex education should be introduced in the curriculum for educating the students about the basic process we go through at certain periods of life. We always relate it to sexual intercourse only but sex education is more than that. At some point, we go through some biological changes which tend to affect our sexual behaviors and when teenagers are deprived of the knowledge about those changes then they themselves try to understand the problem and under the scarcity of true knowledge they could affect themselves in certain harmful physical and psychological way. Reproduction is the basic part of producing a new life but we always deal with it as a taboo. It should be taught as a process in a general way with facts and precautions. We can't stop children from exploring at every stage but we can teach them to take precautions and be careful.

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    Sex education is essential, along with gender sensitisation.

    It is a taboo subject in our society because we do not look at the subject beyond the act.

    Sex education is not about the physical intimacy between couples – far from that. It has more to do with educating youngsters about choices. It is about speaking of a right time for everything. It is about educating them about responsibilities. It is about respect and understanding what a refusal to participate means. It is about safe sex.

    It is also about teaching the repercussions – and the implications here are not just conception or loss of virginity or underage sex or the morality part of it. It is about educating teens of the other complications – AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of being exploited, flesh trade etc. It is educating boys, especially, of what rape implies - sex with a minor, with consent is rape.

    As a society, we are not ready for such talks. But, parents must educate their children – if you don't then who will?

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    Sex education is considered as an unusual topic in India. some of the people argue for the sex education. First we should define what is sex education, and what should be its coverage area. Who should be the targeted group. At what level sex education should begin? These are not the simple question to answer.
    T think sex education should not be given up to 12 level. It should be the part of graduation with a carefully designed course with a mix of moral education. It also should be optional paper not compulsory.

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    Mr Sharma at #601807, could you explain the logic behind your suggestion that sex education should be an optional subject? Don't you think such a move will defeat the very purpose of providing sex education? And again about your suggestion that it should begin only in the graduation stage; why? Why can't we begin it at the primary stage? Let us not forget that the reach of the children these days are much higher than what we imagine. They need to be taught and guided properly.
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    People have this fear that sex education is something that will corrupt the minds of children. They hear the word 'sex' and go into frenzied conjuring up of explicit scenarios. Ours is a nation where sex education is not imparted and yet our population tells another story. People were procreating even before the time of online porn etc.

    No, sex education is not about the sexual act. People need to stop being petrified. The concept of sex education is misunderstood, which is why #601807 has suggested it as an optional subject at the undergraduate level. I have tried to explain what sex education is in my previous response.

    Sex education is necessary, so your children learn to protect themselves. So, they learn to make the right decisions and choices. It teaches them to act responsibly. It opens doors for them to discuss the taboo topic with a trusted adult. They may have questions about their bodies and I think it is better for them to get answers from you, rather than being misinformed and/or learning from mistakes.

    One of my earlier forum posts was converted into a GD – It is necessary to start sex education at a young age.

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    We learnt about sex in an unscientific manner. Frankly speaking ,I learnt about sex from senior students of the school, senior playing companions of our locality and from cheap books sold in footpath. There was absolutely no communication on this issue from parents, elders or from teachers. So, the knowledge acquired by me was unscientific and incorrect/incomplete.
    So, I fully support compulsory and scientific sex education in school from VII standard, or so.

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    #601810 Mr. Saji without understanding/ discussing first para, you jumped to second one.
    " I think sex education should not be given up to 12 level. It should be the part of graduation with a carefully designed course with a mix of moral education. It also should be optional paper not compulsory." It is my opinion, people may have different opinion. It should be discussed in government forum. There are sufficient literature and friends available to teach sex education so no formal arrangements require. The young minds are not prepared to sex education. It will divert the attention from chosen path. In a democratic country you can not impose any thing on others of your choice. Even the Yoga is not being accepted by all.

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