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    How do you rank Mr. Pranab Mukherjee as President in comparison to his predecessors?

    India has seen many many great legendary personalities as Presidents like Bau Rajendra Prasad, S. Radha Krishnan, V.V. Giri, Gyani Zail Singh, Abdul Kalam, Pranab Mukharjee etc. Most of them are either popular personalities in politics or Social life or in their field. Even though Indian democracy has not vested much power in taking independent decisions for President but one cannot deny the importance and glamour of such high position in our democracy. Many of the past Presidents of India left a great mark on Indian democracy during their tenure as Presidents even present acting President Mr. Pranab as well. How will you rate or rank present acting President of India Mr. Pranab Mukharjee with his predecessors?
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    I cannot compare President Sri Pranab Mukherjee with all former Presidents before him.
    But If he is taken, then I can say that he kept and maintained the dignity and decorum of the post of President without avoiding responsibility and decision making. He maintained good and proper relationship with the government without subduing his authority but showing his experienced elder-person advice and guidance to the government. Wherever clarifications and reviews were needed he boldly asked for that from the government. After taking up the top posts, he kept his independence and aloofness but at the same time maintaining his good relation with all parties, and not at all biased in spite of being a loyal party member of Indian National Congress before being elected as President, He took clear decisions on some crucial matters where as some of his predecessors were reluctant in similar matters.

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    The heading of the present thread talks about comparison of Mr. Pranab Mukherjee with his counterpart Presidents. It is really very difficult. As far as I know, there are 197 countries in the world (who are members of UNO) and Switzerland. Among these countires, more than 150 countries have Presidents. It is really very difficult to compare 150 Presidents in limited space. Furthermore, I don't know about the quality of functioning of these 150-odd Presidents.

    The other response to this thread deals with the performance of present President with his predecessors. But the subject of the thread is different.

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    The title of the thread is comparison of present President Mr.Pranab to his counterparts. But in the description of the thread the author has given the names of our old presidents. From that description I inferred that his intention is to compare the present president with past presidents.

    Mr.Pranab has done justice to his post by cooperating with the BJP lead Government even though he is a stalwart of congress. He has not surrendered himself to anybody at the same time he is not very arrogant also. He maintained a very good balance in discharging his duties.

    He maintained very good relations with all parties and all occassions he has shown his individuality. He never hesitated to ask clarifications where ever required. He has handled many portfolios before becoming president. In all those positions also he maintained very efficiently and the same he continued as President also. I feel he is a good human being with lot of morals and ethics. I can't say he is better than so and so and he is next to so and so . I can't give a rank also to him. But he is an apt person for the post.

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    I think the author actually meant to compare the performance of President Pranab with his predecessors. As said by our Venkiteswaran sir, he really maintained the relationship in a dignified manner without any confrontation with the present Government. Had he done so, particularly at the time of demonetization, he could have left a bad impression. But he maintained true statesmanship and it is said that the present Government has considered his choice for a second term. But political equations always play for any ruling party and he has proved the UPA-II choice to be a good one.

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    Partha, the title now stand corrected; must have been an inadvertent mistake on the part of the author. You could have avoided the confusion if you had gone through the thread. Anyways, thanks for the alert.

    Coming to the thread, there is no doubt that Sri Pranab Mukherjee has done total justice to the nation's highest post held by him. He, as said by others, maintained the dignity of the office and never stepped back in the execution of his functions. He was bold in taking decisions and carried the office with pride. I don't think we need to venture to compare him with his predecessors because of the sanctity that is accorded to the highest office of the country. The demands that need to be met by different Presidents during their tenure will vary and we need to just assess whether they had acted and reacted positively to such situations and had ultimately upheld the Constitution of India.

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    Now that Mr. Saji Ganesh has changed the title of the thread, I may now be able to safely compare the performance of Shri Pranab Mukherjee with some of his predecessors. Earlier I was little bit afraid thinking that I would be awarded negative points for irrelevant response.

    Shri Mukherjee has definitely maintained the dignity of the post. He is thousand miles ahead than his immediate predecessor in every aspect. Not only that, he maintained his own dignity and the dignity of the post by developing a working relationship with the Prime Minister from such a party which he had opposed throughout his political career.

    His performance as the President bears testimony of his prudence and political maturity. However, he has never been as much popular as Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, another of his predecessors.

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    Well when Congress and UPA lost power against NDA in the last general elections , there was wide spread apprehensions that President Pranab Mukherjee would be asked to step down to pave the way for NDA candidate. But PM Modi behaved as seasoned politician and never disturbed the office of President nor had any controversy, and in reverse the President Mukherjee widely supported each and every action of NDA government and had cordial relations with PM Modi. This has surprised even the Congress party largely. Now that the election to highest office has become necessary and important, the government has nominated Kovind as the next successor. What I feel that Pranab has good equations with this government and demisting office without any regret or complaint and that itself a big complement for the government and President himself.
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