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    Every festival comes with a message and we all make some new resolution with these festival.

    First of all, Wish you all very happy Eid. We wait for months and years for any festival to come and celebrate. All of us enjoy to celebrate festivals irrespective of the religion, we all, celebrate each and every festival with full excitement and energy and share happiness with each other. These all festival comes with a great message and make us more human.
    Every person makes some resolution to complete with the beginning of the festival and the with the end of festival most of them forget about their resolution and start living their life. This happens with all of us, whether it is New Year resolution, Christmas resolution, Holi Resolution or any other festival resolution. We all make some resolution with every festival like, "I will stop drinking with this new year or I will stop smoking after the Diwali." But very few of us stick with our resolution and achieve goal otherwise all of us just make a resolution and it ends with the over of festival and we start looking for another resolution that we can make with next festival. So how many of you think that this is a story of every person who makes a resolution and never accomplish them?
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    I feel resolutions are nothing but a way of running from our bad habits. Say, a person has smoking habit, he promises to himself that he will leave smoking this upcoming Diwali and he keeps on smoking till Diwali. When Diwali comes, he stops smoking for a while. When the desire of smoking occurs again, he controls but when he is not able to fight the urge to smoke, he convinces himself that he will leave this habit on new year and this becomes resolution for new year.
    Making resolutions during a festival has become more of a trend now, "everyone has one so I should also have one or I will look foolish."
    If one really wants to change his habits, there is no need of resolutions during festivals. You can start anytime and if you have the will power and really want to change yourself, you will succeed.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Following resolutions etc.are on one side.But sincerely celebrating thefestivals with full understanding is highlyexpected ftom everyone especially from youngsters.

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    Generally we celebrate all festivals as celebrations with all our dear and near. Our friends visit us and we visit them. We wear new clothes and prepare specials for eating. We will go and offer prayers to God in places of worship. In cities if you see on a festival day all praying places are with too much crowds. Today I have seen all prayer places of Muslims are very good looking with lots of people offering the prayers there. Similarly on a Hindu festival day all temples will be flooded with people.

    I never make any resolution on any festival day. I am an employee of private organisations from my beginning of the career to date. In Private Organisations our increments and promotions generally depend on our efforts and contributions. Every year I used to get increment on April 1st. On that day I have the practice of making a resolution as follows: I should get promotion, I should get highest increment or I should be the number one in increment list on next !st April. Basing on my resolution I used to plan my work. Many times I achieved the goal.

    always confident

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    Yes every big festival in India which may concern to different religions does give us great message to be followed. Today being Ramzaan, it is the message for showing the brother wood to the neighbor and also reaching out with liberal donations. When it comes to Holi, it is the festival of color often coincides with the wishes of our mind and thus we mingle and celebrate the great festival going beyond the caste and religion. Dassera is the big Hindu festival which is the victory of good over the evil and thus it is celebrated for 10 days across the country. Likewise, Deepavali is the festival of lights, sweets and strong between the Hindus across the country. Christmas is celebrated all over the world and it is the classic example of celebrating a festive season for whole one week extending upto new year.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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