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    Why are we still following QWERTY keyboard?

    QWERTY keyboard (named after the top 6 letters of our keyboards) was used to eliminate mechanical difficulties of traditional type writers. But nowadays, we hardly see any type writers and almost everything is typed using a computer keyboard. But the QWERTY keyboard still continues with our computers even though there are no mechanical hindrances while typing in computer keyboards. Why are we still following QWERTY keyboard and why it is not replaced with an easy-to-type keyboards in our computers?
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    Those who have learned the typewriter are always habituated to QWERTY key board and we are familiar with the same even today as the same is used even in computers. While I was child I used to ponder over and thought of giving suggestion to the key board manufacturers that the key board should be in alphabetic order, so that we wont miss any letter while typing fast. But after having profess of QWERTY key board, I am of the opinion that the present set is great and ever lasting as we can type fast and they may not be possible with other letters combination. So Internationally this is having wide acceptance and needs no change.
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    The qwerty keyboard was developed to overcome the mechanical difficulties of the alphabetical one and it was successful in doing so. By the time, the mechanical difficulties were removed people became habitual to the qwerty layout. If the alphabetical pattern was again introduced, it would have been like to learn a whole new language altogether. It passed on from one generation to other and we also learned typing in the qwerty layout. Now if anyone gives us a choice between qwerty format and the alphabetical one, we will obviously be more comfortable in qwerty because we are in habit of using it.
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    Qwerty system of typing was devised after a great deal of thought given to typing process and it's difficulties. The system worked well and is an established one.

    Now it is possible to change it to a simple sequencial alphabet system starting with 'a' in place of 'q' and ending with 'z' in place of 'm'. This system may also work nicely as a beginner at the keyboard need not to search a letter and he can find it in the usual sequence by just scanning from top to bottom or say in the beginning or in the middle or in the end because mentally he knows where the letter comes in sequence.

    The problem will be typing speed or data entry speed because the benefits of qwerty design will not be there.

    Another thing is a large number of people will have to orient thereselves to the new system which appears a big practical problem.

    So qwerty will continue till the day voice typing takes over.

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    I remember that the same thread with same heading was there very recently in forums section. However I am not worried about that. That is Editor's look out.
    Initially the keyboard of typewriter was designed in such a way that overlapping of two buttons of letters is avoided. That is why if you observe the most commonly used letters got distributed all over the keyboard. Initially type writers are being marketed the company agents used to say typing is very easy. Two explain this concept they used to ask the buyers to type the word typewriter. All the letters of this word will fall in the same line. So this key board god very wide publicity and even today we use the same. Some other versions also came but not popular.

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    As I was not regular in forum section recently, I might have missed the similar thread. If it has been discussed elaborately, editors can lock the thread.

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    Qwerty is an established system and until there are some compelling reasons there is no point in changing it.
    The typists and data entry operator are well versed with it and any change will be a big inconvenience to so many people doing that type of job.
    This is a system accepted world vide.
    Long back another system with some variations was suggested but that did not become popular and presently is used by a few users.

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    Typewriter is/was a machine that aided sped typing. In the QWERTY type of keypad which is the typewriter keyboard, we are taught to use all the fingers of hand for typing with great speed. Those who have learnt tyewriting know that the fingers are permanently placed on the middle set of keys with left hand fingers placed over the key sequences 'A S D F ' with little finger on A,ring finger on S, middle finger on D and index finger on F . thumb rests on space bar. From the other side starting from semi colon key it is just a mirror image. So when the letter G or H has to be typed, the respective side index finger is extended. It is similar for the upper rows and lower rows. So that helps us to type with speed and using the proper pressure and without strain.

    The alphabets are arranged on the keys in a ways that the mostly used alphabets are placed in a ways to use the respective fingers without strain. For side keys and other rows, the nearest finger is extended .

    After the advent of photo copiers, computers and smart phones the necessity of typewriters has almost disappeared and the typewriting teaching institutes have closed almost all. The early mobile phones have different key set up and many have got used to that. Thus those who have not got used to typewriting started using single finger typing. Speed did not become a factor because many facilities of editing and correcting are inbuilt in the computers and smartphones. That has made the qwerty keyboard not essential now.

    With the development of speech to text facilities even the keyboards may become obsolete soon. Many phones have facilities of converting handwriting to text. All these may soon make the present keyboards redundant. So not just QWERTY key boards, but even the continuance alphabetical keyboards also is only a matter of time.

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    QWERTY is a well thought and devised system which is in use for easy and fast typing using all the fingers except the left thumb. Just take a car in which the Clutch, Brake, Accelerator and gear are arranged . What would happen if we interchange the position of the ABCG? It is not an easy job to change the arrangement in a keyboard now. QWERTY helps us to type fast.

    Also, we have learned the alphabets ABCD.......XYZ in a good order. Just imagine if we change the order as DBAC....PQR.

    In this world, everything has a reason to follow.

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