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    Explain this : Instead of being a lion's tail, prefer being cat's head !

    Some times we come across such proverbs or sayings which really shake our inner feeling and thinking pattern and we wont keep quiet and share the same with others. Same is the case with " Instead of being a lion's tail , prefer being a cat's head". While the proverb or the saying happens to be good and new, I fail to get the real meaning behind that. I call upon the creative members of this site to decode this proverb or saying and explain in simple way what holds good for a common man through this one line.
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    It means that it is better to be a leader of a less influential or prestigious group than to be a follower or worker of a more prestigious group. Ex: - It is better to open your own coaching institute than to teach at a already well established one. I know it is a lame example but couldn't think of any better.

    In my view this proverb is not always right as in many scenarios you can learn more when you are working for more successful and intellectual people than what will you learn by your own.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    It is better to be a front runner rather than a follower. Generally we come across a group we will be interested to know who is leading it. But we may not be that much worried about fillers. Similarly in any situation the head of the institution gets higher importance than others. Tail is a part which is not very useful. But head is very important. A small company or a big company MD is MD. Worker is worker. So it is better to be a MD of a small company than a worker in a big company.

    Generally the beauty will come from face rather than the tail. So be the face of a small animal rather than a tail of a big animal.
    Mr.Kejriwal is the president of a party. I am an ordinary member in BJP. Kejriwal is known to all Indians but my neighbor don't know about me.
    So it is better to be cat's face rather the tail of a lion
    This is what I can understand from this proverb. I think nowadays sharing proverbs as threads is a fashion. Good trend. We should continue this. This proverbs will give lot of inputs if we correctly interpret and very useful for us in our day to day life.

    always confident

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