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    Investors get too much.

    Life has many colours.Some are investors and some are people ,who do hard work.Investors get too much.Hard workers get too little.The investors exploit the people,who work in their establishment.
    In Public Schools a large amount of money go to investors.The staffs donot get a good sum of money.Should not be there a policy to help hard workers?
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    This is true. But the investor is at a risk. There is no surety that he will get back his money fully. For example a farmer invests money for cultivations. He has to pay heavy amounts to workers who work in the field. At the end of the season if everything goes alright also his income may be less than an agricultural labour's wage. Some time he may not even get the money he invested. But the labourer will have his full payment. That is why many farmers are not interested in cultivation .

    Even in many establishments there are people who lost. But many people do lot of mischiefs in industry and get back their money. Private organisation has to pay minimum wages to all work force as decided by the government from time to time. They can't pay less. Similarly they have unions and they will fight for their rights. But the most vulnerable are executives. They don't have minimum wage structure or unions. Work hard to survive or get out, will be the policy for these executives

    Similarly the teachers in private schools also have this problem. No minimum wage concept for these posts. Government has not insisting on this. They have to work hard and get less.
    All private school teachers should make a petition to government regarding the concept of minimum salaries to them also.

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    There may be certain cases of exploiting employees but it can't be generalised for all. Business or Entrepreneurship is the most difficult economic activity when compared to other activities like profession or employment. There won't be assured income for the investor or the entrepreneur and maximum risk has to be taken by him. He is the one, who provides employment. Instead of taking risk, if he thinks to put his money in bank or in some other financial instruments, where will be employment generation and where will be economic growth of the country. He won't lose anything if he doesn't take risk. His money will be appreciated with somewhat slower pace if he puts his money in safer heavens. That's it.

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    The author must know that those who invest in business and organization are the great risk takers. That means they know the risk of investing and it may be positive or loss in the long run. So for that guts and show of solidarity, in investing , the investors are treated with red carpet welcome and shown the green pastures of future. But sured investors who have past experience would decide after twice thinking and then invest. Investing educational field is more fetching and no loss at all. The promoters of educational Institutions, not even attend the daily routines and problems faced by the administration and but simply attend on the annual day, give a speech and take their share of profit. Unmindful of the hard work being done by the staff and administration, the investors are not bothered as they got the profit for their investment. This is the reality.
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