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    Dressing in fashion is right and adorable , but do not ration it with scantily clothing !

    When we talk about fashion, soon our thoughts would run in to the dressing style of female gender whether it is a kid, girl, lady or women. It is the fact that good dressing would be soothing to the eyes and even with ordinary daily wears one can make formidable fashion statement. But off late in the name of aping western culture, some females in the society are taking to wrong route of scantily dressed and thus end up earning the wrath in the family and also in the society. One must wear the dress for self satisfaction and not to display for any one else. But in the name of fashion the clothes are rationed and dressed up with scantily look and that is bothering.

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    True, Mr.Mohan. This attitude is started from the movies. If you remember in earlier days in movies, directors used to keep one vamp character and used to dress her with very small clothes and showing lot of skin to audience. This is to attract viewers for their movies. Slowly that trend has come to heroines. Now no separate vamp is required. The main actress herself showing her skin. This trend from movies is coming to society. Of course, we are in a democratic country. We are all free to dress anyway we want.

    This kind of fashions are creating lot of problems. The boys in their teenage are becoming more attracted towards females because of this dressing and they are doing unwanted acts which are creating problems to the society.

    Fashion in dressing is good but it can't lose its decency. These are my views but not to hurt any female please.

    always confident

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    Fashion is a personal statement. Fully clothed or legs, arms, back or cleavage showing, women dress to please themselves and according to their comfort level.

    A lot is being written and said about women and their dressing, and objections generally come from the male fraternity, who have no qualms going around shirtless or with their legs showing when they are in shorts or lungi's folded up. They don't blink an eye when they stand urinating in public but have a problem with women and what they wear.

    What does one do when one sees something unhygienic on the sidewalk, does one keep staring at it or look away? If a woman's dress bothers people, they should just look away. Why infringe on a woman's right of what she wants to wear? Why does society decide that it is fine to reveal the midriff in a sari, but not fine to reveal legs in a dress?

    I, as a woman, do not dress to soothe the eyes of the public. I dress for my comfort and in the style I want. If anyone has a problem with that then they should look away or stay at home. We shouldn't want to curtail someone else's freedom to advocate our preferences.

    @ Srinivasa Rao - Attraction towards the opposite sex is natural, especially during teenage years. To think that boys are doing "unwanted acts" because of how females dress is a tainted view. Boys behave the way they do because of lack of the right values. They have not been taught to respect women. Let's not make the perpetrators of crime the victims. Such views advocate the innocence of boys and shift the blame on women - I am sorry, but there can be no excuses for sexual crimes.

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

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    There is nothing wrong with wearing scanty clothes if the person wearing them feels comfortable in them. Wearing small clothes is not always about showing skin. Some people really feel comfortable in them. If the society don't like it, it's their problem."The boys in their teenage are becoming more attracted towards females because of this dressing and they are doing unwanted acts which are creating problems to the society". Sorry to say but this is one of the stupidest things I have ever read; if boys are tempted to do wrong things on seeing a girl in short dress, it shows their upbringing. Nurture your boys with good moral values and etiquettes and they won't even have these kind of stupid thoughts.
    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Now a days a new fashion of torn sleeves below the shoulder joint making round and that looks ugly for some.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #601755 - Nobody asked for your opinion. If it looks ugly to you, don't look at it.
    Let people dress the way they want. Bring your children up with values and teach them to not stare at someone and respect others even if they are standing naked.
    It is very hypocritical when the same men who wear lungis/dhotis in public and women who wear sarees with their stomachs visible, label girls with skirts or crop tops as indecent.

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    Ankit when you get married and have a girl child and go through the ordeals of nurturing, you will remember me and my thread. Do not speak or write in haste.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not think our values change with us having children. We remain who we are - little mellow versions perhaps, of our earlier selves. I have to agree with Ankit, parents need to teach the right values to their children.

    I have raised a girl child and do not understand how fashion affects the nurturing of a girl child. She is what she is because of the values we gave her. What ordeals are you talking of?

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

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    The title brought a mild smile in my lips due to the words used like 'rationing'.

    The thread idea is because of a one side thought that fashion is only for woman. There are any number of advertisements which declare new fashion style for men. When a change happens, at first it appears strange and unacceptable to us because we have not got familiarised with it. But when we get to see it more and become familiar that becomes a normal usual one. So those who want novelty and change, change it again. Thus it goes on- in fashion styles also.

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