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    While Modi gets red carpet welcome, hand shakes and hugs, Pakistan gets jittery over Indo-US ties

    More than anyone expected the US has thrown a great surprise as President Donald Trump gave red carpet welcome, firm hand shake and a tight hug, which confirms US has been yearning for strategic Indian partnership for mutual growth and by declaring Syed Salaluddin as global terrorist, US try to pacify India that it can be trusted for future in weeding our terrorists and their hide outs. With India and US becoming closer than expected, Pakistan is sweating hard and it has lost its face to defend in any manner. If strong leaders of the world meets with great thinking, nothing can stop them to take strategic and great actions beyond imagination.
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    It is true. Indian ties with US will become stronger now it appears by seeing the US President's attitude in inviting and receiving the Prime Minister of India. It is a welcome move. Another aspect is that the relation with Pakistan is not going to be very good for USA also. Now they declared notorious Syed Salauddin as global terrorist. This gives a better confidence to India about the relations with US. Now Pakistan will try to be more closer to China as they have a common enemy. So to weaken Pakistan and China India should have a strategy. Government should ban imports from china and deny access to China Organisations to dump their low class and cheap items to our country. This will have a very high effect on China in their financial position. Mr.Modi is really doing a wonderful work in maintaining harmony with all other countries.Ms. Sushma Swaraj should also get due appreciation for her good work as an external affairs Minister.
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