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    Fashion doesn't define one's life.

    Fashion today has simply become about one's looks,clothes, manner of walk and talk overall it is all about presentation, how we present ourselves in front of the whole world? But many people began to misconceptualise it as defining their personalities especially youngsters and teenagers
    But question is does it really define who they really are?

    Fashion is not a bad thing, infact its aim was to make people believe that they are not less in any sphere of life not even beauty, its always good to groom oneself and thus becoming more confident and making others also confident by grooming them, but for very few people fashion is a passion and for rest of the public its a mere show off a presentation to show how different they are.
    But many youngsters and teenagers take this fashion way too seriously, they make their lifelong aim to look good, look smart but not to be actually good and smart. They start aping bollywood, hollywood stars and fashion icons in everything, their clothes, makeup way of talking and walking and for such aping they often go to extremes.
    for Eg - A year ago, a young girl, 13 years old committed suicide just because her father didn't buy her a new dress which she demanded on her birthday even though her father promised to bring it next year since at that time he was going through a financial crisis but the girl didn't understand it.
    There are ample similar examples of such cases where this so called fashion or the wrong definition of fashion has taken life of many youngsters who could have become a part of our country's progress.

    Its a alarm for us and our society if we have any such youngsters around who don't understand what fashion is, and had made their lifelong aim aping fashion icons. It is not good sign for these youngsters as well as for the future of our country.
    Fashion was created for good and making peoples look good, it was never meant for making it a lifelong mission to insanely follow fashion icons and stars and for that going into extremes.
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    Too much is never desirable. For any aspect this statement will be applicable. Anything and everything should be within the limits. Otherwise it will create problems. As mentioned by the author these unnecessary desires are more in teenagers. Slowly that attitude will come down as you become more matured with your age. So the parents has to take care of their wards in that age and see that they will not become victims of these wishes. Here parents has to take time and explain the children very nicely and suggestively the ill effects of these habits and make them to understand. Instead of that if parents shout on them, the children will become more against the parents and they may go to any extent in getting their wish fulfilled or they may not hesitate to sacrifice their life also. So role of parents is very important. Fashion is good for presenting ourselves decently in the society. But we need not have role models for this and we need not follow them for each and every aspect of our life.
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    I agree that fashion does not define one's life. But it may indirectly declare what one is inclined or disinclined to . Fashion shows the trend of the society in general and records and defines the society as history to the later generations.

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