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    Advantages and disadvantages of smart phones

    Smart phones were specially launched for purposes like news reading , contacting those who are not nearby etc because it is not possible to carry your PC with you everywhere. They were specially designed with some additional features like video calling, applications , messengers etc.

    But nowadays smart phones are used more for playing games, passing messages on WhatsApp, learner's guide etc.

    What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones?
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    Smartphone is the world in our hand. Whatever is happening around the world can be known to you through this smartphones. News, sports updates, video calls with your near and dear who are away, chatting with your friends, social media, newspapers, internet browsing, payment of bills, purchases, sales, cash transaction, games, apps etc.. Everything you can do with your smartphone. TV,Youtube,ebooks, knowledge updation are the other activities you can do with this. So they are very good tools for our easy life.

    But because of this smartphones we are losing many human interactions. No meetings personally, In a house all the members will have smartphones. They spend more time with them rather than spending time with all together in the house. Instead of playing games on the phone, spend some time with family members and use smartphone for useful activities. It will give you a lot of relaxation and happiness.
    Use smartphones but don't lose personal contacts and human interactions.

    always confident

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