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    Why Mr.Modi and CM's of the States insist on foreign Companies to invest india and in their States

    Mr. Modi during his foreign tours and in his speeches is openly inviting foreign companies to invest heavily in India. Following the same, the various CM,'s of the States, especially CM's of A.P. and Telangana going foreign tours to invite foreign companies to invest in their States. If foreign companies invest in our country major profits earned from Indian People will go into the accounts of foreign company. In the past we have an example before Independence, East India company of British entered into India to plunder the wealth of India. Then what is the logic in inviting foreign companies in India by ourselves? Aren't we not seeing the negative impact of this seriously?
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    Only heading in the thread. No description about the topic. Probably the thread with description is deleted instead of deleting this one. I request the Editors to look into this.
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    Since this was the earlier post, the other one was deleted. I am hence restoring the text in this thread.

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    Yes. To some extent what the author mentioned appears to be correct. Inviting foreign companies to start in India is like giving them axis of our country to them. In this contest I remember the Camel and Arabian businessman story which we all know. Finally we should not become foreigners in our country. We can't lose our independence. I think Governments will always keep this point in mind.
    It is true if we important from other countries we will lose lot of foreign currency. So if we make in India and export it definitely our economy position will improve. But presently all political leaders are in the hands of a few big private corporates. If big foreign companies comes and our political leaders should not go into their hands.
    It is true employment potential will increase. Many jobs will come and people will get jobs. But our hard work will result in somebody's cash.
    A balanced policy is always desirable.

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    PM Modi has been visiting countries and selling the make in India concept and at the same time those who want special attention for their own state by garnering maximum investment are also approaching many countries and their investors and we cannot forget how AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana CM KCR through his son KTR is garnering investments for their respective states in IT. Good that both states are competing for positions to create more jobs as promised in the manifesto. And for PM it does not matter which state takes the lead. He wants investors to invest in India.
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    Our country needs foreign exchange to finance our imports. The exports do not match the imports . NRI remittance is also contributing to some extent. Foreign investment in this country will bring foreign exchange.

    The investment in stock market will enable the money invested plus profit earned to be remitted back, affecting our foreign exchange. Make in India means investing on plant and machinery, employing our people and producing in India. That helps development , employment and gross productivity. These will improve our economy. When some item is produced in the country we buy it with our own rupee. We need not import it and lose foreign exchange. We get taxes.If the excess production is exported, we get foreign exchange also.
    For sensitive items like arms and ammunition ,aeroplanes etc which we now import, we do not know if the same weapon is given to our adversary also. But if the same is produced here itself, at least we know how much is produced and how much is exported and to whom. That helps our defence strategy planning also.

    When foreign investment comes here fr make-in -India projects, only the profit is taken out, but the capital investment remains here enabling development.That will help our precious internal resources to be used for essential welfare measures and for those things where we cannot take foreign finnacial support.

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