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    Who will educate these people and the state?

    I raised a thread regarding ten rupee coin. Though it is announced by RBI that the coin is legal and should be accepted, there are states which do not entertain the ten rupee coin. Karnataka (Bangalore) is one such area where ten rupee coin is not valued and accepted. I facing the problem here.

    Who will educate the people of Bangalore? Are there other states encountering the same problem? Let us know.

    @ Editors, Let this thread live. Kindly do not delete or lock this thread in a hurry quoting the earlier threads. The rules and instructions are ignored. What is the solution/remedy to teach the state of Karnataka and the people who don't honour this coin? How to overcome the problem?
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    Mr Sun, the thread on the topic that you had posted was locked and the reason for the same was specifically stated. I don't understand why you insist on discussing this topic when you yourself have in response (#597096) to this thread on ten rupee coins specifically stated that this is old news and that the coins are in normal circulation and there is no confusion or worry. This being the background, please specify why your thread should not be rejected or locked. Let us be mutually fair!
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    True. I was confident that there would be no problem related to this ten rupee coin. But I had good and sweet experience in Tamilnadu and a very bitter experience in Karnataka where they refuse to accept the ten rupee coin. I wish to know why the problem still exists, especially in Karnataka. Is it the same case in other states also. Is there any state where ten rupee coin has no legal tender. Are there ISCians suffering with ten rupee coin. I want to find an answer to this. There is nothing wrong in discussing the issue when and where it create a problem to the public. Kindly don't be in a hurry to lock the threads as usual, as practiced by you now and then.

    Let this ten rupee coin thread live and see its good ten days to get older and then get locked forever.

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    Some time back there was rumour that rupees 10/- coins are not a legal tender. But it is only a rumour. I have travelled all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh recently. Everywhere these coins are being accepted. No problem as of now, as far as I know. Recently my brother came from Bangalore and he was also telling that these coins are not being accepted in Bangalore. This is a misconception of people only. The state government and RBi has to intervene and clear the doubts of the people by publishing advertisements in all leading newspapers and electronic media. Otherwise it is a real problem. I hope the needed action will be taken by the concerned.
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    I don't face any problem in using Rs. 10/- coin either in Delhi or in Kolkata. Same situation in Panjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. However, we have to be careful about the proper coin. On some occasions, people have been duped by Bhutanese or Nepali coins.
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    Sun, editors don't derive any pleasure in locking threads! Your constant take on the issue is, I need to emphasize, sickening! Sorry!

    Coming to your thread, we are allowing the discussion though you have not answered the query at #601706 convincingly! It is quite amusing to note how the same issue has been given importance by you while having taken the chance to ridicule (passively) the author of the thread to which I had referred. That is why I said, 'let us be mutually fair'.

    I have been to quite a few places in the recent past and has not yet faced any problem with 10/- Rs coin. I have some relatives and friends in Bangaluru too who say they are yet to come across such a problem. One or two odd shop keepers might be having their own reservations but I don't think it is a general issue which requires public attention at large.

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    Yes in Hyderabad too some shops are not accepting the ten rupee coins but when prevailed upon and requesting they are also accepting. Banks and RBI must come out with public notice that those who refuse to honor the coins would be punished.
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    Come on, Mr Saji.
    Why are you in a hurry to lock this thread? It is true that I said it was an old issue in that thread. Now the scene has changed. I am experiencing difficulty in Karnataka. I think, you trust your relatives and friends and ignore the fellow ISCian. If you trust your friends and relatives with regard to the legal tender of ten rupee coin in Bangaluru, you may satisfy yourself and lock this thread. Few members have also confirmed my doubt. I think more members will follow suit.

    As usual, If you are in a hurry and much interested to lock this thread, you may do so. Who bothers? Whose father what goes?

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    Abrupt deletion of threads and locking of threads give a sense of self-realisation of power and authority to some. Such action silently says: "Look, who is the master? Never forget it."

    Of course this is my personal feeling.

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    Sun and Partha,

    Let us confine to the point at discussion. Try to see the other side of the coin. The 10 Rupee coin was released in 2010 and they were not in circulation except in major cities till demonetization. Only old 10 Rupee notes are being exchanged. Now the bulk that got stocked with the common people started circulating in the market and a strong rumour of withdrawal of 10 rupee coins made everyone to get rid of them as early as possible. This is true. The RBI has issued a statement in this regard when such rumour went high into the air particularly in some parts of Andhra and Telengana and clearly stated that no such idea is there.

    But the twists that were played by the RBI and Finance Ministry during demonetisation make some people little doubtful. Perhaps some small vendors in Karnataka may not be accepting those coins due to such doubts in their mind.


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    Sun at #601759, did I anywhere in my responses mention or give a hint that I am in a hurry to lock this or any other thread? Read responses and understand them properly without any inhibitions so that you are clear in what you want to say.

    And Partha at #601760, if you think that editors need to lock or reject threads (with so many members watching and gauging every movement here) and can act like Hitler {as someone had earlier suggested} and establish their authority, please correct yourself because you are absolutely wrong! Please do not undermine the efficiency and capability of our WMS.

    Fun and sarcasm may go hand in hand but it doesn't help always!

    Jagdish, sorry for the deviation despite your request; I felt the need to be clear. Sun or Partha can raise a separate thread on this count if they feel so.

    Members are requested to kindly stick to the main thread.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Just walk into a bank and exchange the ten rupee coins with currency notes. It is a simple procedure - there are no forms to fill. One just needs to request the teller or walk up to the Branch Manager.

    These are basic things that everyone must know. Banks exchange soiled notes and also exchange coins into currency notes.

    Also, two of my neighbours are from Bangalore. One just returned from a long holiday there and the other goes over to Bangalore, every weekend. I spoke to both these evening. They are unaware of any such problem in the city. I think what Jagdish said must be correct - "Perhaps some small vendors in Karnataka may not be accepting those coins due to such doubts in their mind".

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    Why to walk into a bank to exchange our valid coins into currency notes if the rupee ten coin is a legal tender? One India and one coin. Why the Karnataka people don't understand this. Even the well educated shop keepers refuse to accept the coin. Wherever I tried I failed. Something should be done to educate this ignorant lot. The neighbours of the member might not be possessing ten rupee coin in their pocket or wallet. Had they possessed a coin, the coin would have met the wrath at Bangalore shops.
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    I thought of educating you because you face the problem. But, it seems that you rather educate the entire state than find an easy solution to your problem.

    You cannot bring a change in a city or state, by bringing it up for discussion in the ISC forum.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    You have questioned why my thread should not be locked. Though you have not threatened to lock this thread, your response appears so.

    You are right. It is not only my problem, but also your/our/everyone's problem. So, we need to find a solution to overcome this situation in Karnataka. Yes. ISC cannot resolve this great problem. But we can discuss it out to pass our time and improve our score board.

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    Thank You Mr.Sun for admitting a fact at your response #601801
    Quote #But we can discuss it out to pass our time and improve our score board.# Unquote.

    This is what I exactly meant in the other thread which you termed it as an irresponsible statement. Now, What this one could be?


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    It is an ultimate statement from me when members feel that ISC cannot do anything to resolve problem. If we think so, what is the use of discussing things at ISC? What is the use of active GD? For what and why are we discussing things in the forum section?

    Mine is not an irresponsible statement, but a very reasonable statement.

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