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    How should we write English at ISC forum?

    English writing can be of different categories. Simple writing - Elaborated writing - Short writing - Expanded writing - English with good vocabulary - English with simple words - Understanding English.

    What should we practice at ISC Forum?

    To me, An understanding English is the best to be used in the ISC Forum. What do you say?
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    Please don't raise vague threads. What do you want to know exactly? What is the context?
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    Madam Vandana,
    It is not a vague thread. I found people writing at length and extra length with stories not relevant to the topic. Should we post brief and short messages, and responses, or lengthy responses. Very short messages and responses may not be interesting, and at the same time lengthy responses will be boring and time consuming. What I suggest is a good understanding English and meaningful content. What is the other members comment?

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    As I said, you need to be more specific. If you are asking for clarity, then we need to know the context. In any case, the forum is an open platform. We do have restriction of words for certain types of contests, that is all.

    The thread topic is about English writing in the forum. Then you ask about length of responses. What on earth, anyway, has the length of a response got to do with English? I have fairly good English and so far members have not complained about some of my lengthy responses. You don't need to read lengthy responses if you find them boring!

    I am not going to waste my time any more on this thread, which, very frankly, I really find lacks substance.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    To me clarity of thought and lucidity are important.

    Let us take this thread as an example. It starts with "How should we write English at ISC?"

    You provide many choices and select "understanding English", as your option. "English with simple words" and "English with good vocabulary" are among the choices provided. Jump to # 601719 – a simple question from Vandana, and your stance changed quite abruptly – from understanding English to "people writing at length and extra length with stories…" Where is the connection, between the title and your response?

    What I suggest is that members who find lengthy posts boring must just skip them. They can visually judge the length of a post and decide whether it would be uninteresting. The choice lies with every member – to read a thread or skip it.

    Irrelevant stuff is dealt with quite commendably by the editors. They have a system of locking threads and deleting posts. I am sure you would have experienced both.

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    Deleted being duplicate.
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    Elaborated writing and expanded writing falls under the lengthy and extra lengthy messages/responses.. A brief and short understanding and meaningful English writing would do the good at ISC. If someone prefer to write at length, they should should choose the article section at ISC. Discussion should not be like delivering a lengthy lecture or telling a big story to someone in this forum.
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    What I feel that there cannot be specific English writing that can be of different categories. Simple writing - is done by students of pre primary to their understanding level. Elaborated writing - is shared by those who are poets and well versed in sharing contents. Short writing are written by those who are habituated with sms type of writing on the cell phones-. Expanded writing - with good English vocabulary is shared by those who have additional knowledge in that language and - English with simple words the the best way to convey to others as all of those who read may not be proficient and hence I write with Understandable English.
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    I always appreciated your simple and understandable English. I would appreciate expanded and elaborate English with high vocabulary in the article section, but not in the forum discussion or any other discussion anywhere in the world.

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    I wish the author would stop beating around the bush and openly state the post that he is so devotedly critical about. It must take a certain conviction and a dogged determination to harp on the same issue, despite having been restrained.

    I would have preferred to participate in an open debate, rather than one that is craftily designed. Nonetheless, the debate would have been better balanced had the author referred to the post that limits his appreciation of ISC, enough for him to start a thread on it. There are unanswered questions, though the astute must know who the target here is.

    Coming to this thread – the title and argument do not match. While the title speaks of English as a language, the discussion ensued refers to the length of the content. They are clearly two different subject matters.

    I wouldn't have known, had the author not explained that 'expanded and elaborate' meant lengthy writing. Anyhow, this is not a lesson I am taking home with me.

    I am out of this thread because the intent behind it is repugnant.

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    If you feel that I am beating round the bush, why did you join me to beat round the bush? You could have stayed away when you realised that the thread title did not match with my thought. Anyway, you scored some points through my thread to improve your score board. You feel that you are targeted in this thread. It is your guilty conscious. No. It is not only you, but many other members have been targeted by me.

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    I am responding because the above post is directed to me.
    1. Who knew you would beat around the bush – I joined to show that you were wrong and was expecting intelligent responses that would take the discussion forward, but you kept serving the same stale dish. Where is the ingenuity?
    2. Scoreboard, well perhaps if I had that in mind I would have posted a series of threads a la Anamika series, instead of earning single points. Do you recall the length of those posts?
    3. I feel I am targeted – huh! Where did you get that from?
    4. Guilty conscious. Quite the opposite. Your raising this thread shows me your restricted views – and how you can find a foothold only in your comfort zone. You want to control the growth of others by suggesting your standards to them. This is not how the world works – and thankfully, this is not how ISC works. If there was some merit in your post the admin would have welcomed your suggestion.

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    Certainly, the thread has its own merit that made you all to respond. If not, ISC would have sent this thread to the delete section.

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    1. The vagueness of your thread was questioned
    2. You were asked to provide specifics
    3. You were reminded that the forum is an open platform and that there are no restrictions on the length of threads

    The above verify what the admin thought of your thread. Not all vague and meaningless threads get shoved into oblivion. Some are allowed to linger, so intelligent responses, which rebut illogical theories that are being propagated, can be submitted.

    The thread is alive because of the responses it received.

    Yes, I responded, because someone has to counter meaningless recommendations. I don't want to spend my time on ISC based on your convenience and your understanding of a language. I am not going to unlearn what I know, nor am I going to lower my standards to match those of yours. So, yes, I will refute any suggestion that proposes limits on me and others, especially one that asks for mediocre standards to be made a practice.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I am happy. Though vague , this thread has created a wave and helped ISC to earn some revenue. At times, vagueness too meaningful and helpful to us. We should understand this fact and act in our life.

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    The author having realized the potential of this thread and with no additional inputs coming in, I think it would be better to lock this thread now.
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