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    Which job you prefer a transferable one from place to place or fixed one at one place?

    There are some jobs in which a person is required to go on transfer from one place to another. He may be happy to see different places, different people but at the same time has to go through the hassles of transfer in which he has to undergo lot of disturbances and innumerable personal jobs to be done till settling in the new place.

    On the other hand a person continuously working at one place is free from all the difficulties encountered at the time of transfer and enjoys his disturbance free life. At the same time he is fed up with the monotony of place, people and society and wants some change in life for him as well as his family.

    Which situation you prefer, let us discuss and exchange our views.
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    I have experienced both kinds of life, not as an employee, but as a member of the employee's family. My dad was in the Central Govt, and we stayed put in the same city, until his retirement and after. The advantages were many - weekends with cousins and relatives. The same school and neighbourhood friends. Shopping and eating at known places.

    Then I got married and with it started a line of transfers. We moved to a different city every few years. The advantages were many. We got to travel and see new places. We got to make new friends. We discovered different cuisines. I learned to recognise different languages. Before I got married, every South Indian language was 'madrasi'. I learnt to differentiate between Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannadiga.

    However, I prefer staying in one place. It keeps you connected to your roots and your people.

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    I prefer transferable job because there would be lots of things to learn and on moving to every new location you are getting the promotion and also get to know the new place and peoples. By staying and working at one place the life and the job gets boredom and that may even lessen our work potential. My father was also having my kind of liking. During his tenure with Defence Accounts department, he worked at Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jalna, Nasik , Jabalpur, Agra and Delhi. Well he used to go for transfers but we were staying in Hyderabad and thus our education are not wasted and completed.
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    Both have advantages and disadvantages. Even though I am an employee of private organisation I shifted my jobs and places through out Andhra and Telangana. I studied in Vizag and worked there for about 2.5 years. Total my stay in Vizag was about 10 years including my study years. Then I had been to Hindupur and worked there for 2 years. From there I moved to Bhongir near Hyderabad , from there to Warangal. Finally I shifted to Hyderabad in the year 1997. Shifting from one place to another place with lots of luggage and family is really a tedious job. Then after shifting to the new place getting settled there and getting gas connections, bank accounts, post office accounts etc.. are very cumbersome. However by changing jobs progress will be fast.

    After coming to Hyderabad I was in the same job company for about 21 years and career growth and salary hikes also excellent. Now we settled here. We know many people here. Many of our relatives are here. We feel at home here.

    My opinion is within the same city if we shift jobs it will be good for growth without any hassles of shifting. We never feel bored in cities like Hyderabad, which is developing fast.

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    I prefer jobs fixed at a particular place. I don't like changes; it's hard for me to adapt in a new environment. Also, being the lazy person that I am, it is too much effort to shift from one place to another.
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    I was in a transferable job. I had experienced benefits and disadvantages of that.
    The benefit is that we get wide exposure to different languages, living styles and traditions, foods, weather. different type of people- all these make us more enriched with knowledge and our on outlook broadens.

    The disadvantage is tat we do not get permanent friends mostly. We incur loss on various counts like wastage as we have to abandon many items on shifting and purchase new things in the new place. The children suffer from lack of continuity and do not get chance to take roots in one place. Sometimes learning compulsorily a new language in curriculum affects their grades. They may feel strange and fish out of water in new place at least for some time. Exposing to different weather, different food etc may affect health also. Sometimes it may compel us to maintain double establishments incurring financial loss.
    For reasons of lack of permanency in a place, we would not be able to take up time taking projects like constructing a house etc.

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    I have experienced both the life. It is always better to stay at one place from the many point of view. If you are in transferable job, you can not built up your house in the early years of your service. land and materials Inflation is more than your money kept in PF/ bank. Your can not marry a serving spouse if married can not live together. Can not enjoy social function at your native place. If someone is in a nontransferable job he can become more financially strong and can enjoy better life.
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