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    Latest fashion of Indian intelligentsia is to belittle Indian armed forces

    They protect us; they guard the border of the country at more than 20,000 feet. They guard the border where the oxygen content of air is very low. They protect the border in the desert. They protect the marshy land. They protect the broken hill terrains where the border runs in zigzag fashion. They even protect the border which is not clearly demarcated.

    They fight against the enemy with obsolete weapon. They get killed, but they do not leave their posts. They fight against the enemy when the ratio was against them: one to ten. Whenever they get little bit encouragement, proper weapon, training and sufficient time, they destroy the enemy. They protect us in land, sea and in air.

    Nowadays they are being deployed to hide the failure of the political leaders. They are being used to hide years of indecision, dilly-dallying and indirect encouragement to the separatists and anti-nationals. Even if we know that they are the last resort for protection of the country, we have tied their hands and ask them to stop insurgency. We do not allow them to shoot, but expect that they would provide us desired result. They are the armed forces of India.

    The political leaders demean them. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi proposed to use Indian armed forces to clean toilets and build roads. Jawaharlal Nehru asked them to fight the Chinese at inhospitable terrains during bitter winter with obsolete .303 rifles and no winter clothings or boots. Dr. Manmohan Singh did not provide necessary weapon because of severe shortage of funds and thus caused Kargil. From 2004 to 2014, no arms were purchased to prevent financial irregularities.

    Even then the armed forces have never failed us. They leave their families, near and dear ones to protect us. They die leaving behind their small children. Even then, our arrogant political leaders say that they fight because they get the salary. The intelligentsia deride them even when they take commendable decisions in front of heavy odds. The short-sighted, self-serving, corrupt political leaders and spineless, agenda-driven intelligentsia try their level best to demean Indian armed forces. They try their best to make our great soldiers ineffective. This is the latest fashion among Indian intelligentsia.

    We, the common people of the country, must take an oath to stand beside our great armed forces. We must strongly protest against this suicidal fashion trend of Indian liberal intelligentsia.

    (Competition entry)
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    Stand beside our great Armed Forces - how? Can you give a suggestion how you want to implement this very noble deed?

    Mere words do not help. Believe me. We are with you - the phrase gives comfort for a few seconds and next what.

    You have highlighted how the Armed Forces were treated in the past - no mention of anything from recent history. Read up, you will find a lot to write about.

    Anyway, such calls for solidarity and support are pointless, unless they come with a solution of how the support is to be carried out. No civilian realises the hardship of military personnel and their families. People come out with statements like we have a strong Army that will give a befitting reply. No thoughts for the men who actually go and fight or their families who live without them for months on end.

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    No one has the right to belittle or say bad against the armed forces as they are guarding us from the evil designs of destroyers and it is the duty of every citizen to give the forces the respect they deserve. In fact when ever a jawan is seen on the road, every one passing by should salute them and give moral support. Those who are in borders must be greeted through the Radio Vividh Bharathi program during festivities. Such kind of moral boosters would go a long way to sooth them from the home sick. Nevertheless those who cannot do anything to the army has no right to discourage nor say bad about them.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. The armed forces are keeping their lives at stake to protect the country and people. But politicians are ready to sell the nation for their self benefits. But unfortunately the politicians in power are the rulers and they are controlling that armed forces. Really very sorry state of affairs.
    As a citizen of this country it is our duty to at least encourage them and inspire them in doing their job. Many of us are not ready to serve our own mother in her need, but remember they have to leave her for the sake of motherland. They have to leave their family to safe guard our country. We need not do any thing great but at least not criticizing them for firing and killing a terrorist in the guise of human rights.

    always confident

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    #601737: With utmost respect to the knowledge and intellect of the Member, I would most humbly submit that the response is not fully relevant to the subject of the thread. Of course, this is my own opinion.

    In the present era of denouncing Indian armed forces by the intelligentsia, common people must strongly come out utilising every social media to protest and resist the nefarious design of the agenda-riven intelligentsia. Whenever those so-called journos belittle our forces in any manner, they must be given proper reply in social media.

    The aforestated response has remarked: "You have highlighted how the Armed Forces were treated in the past - no mention of anything from recent history." I humbly submit that the neglect and insult of armed forces during 1948-61 caused our debacle in 1962. Continuous downsizing of defence budget (in real terms) during the ternure of Dr. Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister caused Kargil in 1999. On the other hand, rapid strengthening of Indian armed forces during 1962-71 caused grand victory in 1971. Similarly, the policy of the present Government towards armed forces will be reflected in future. Let's wait and see.

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    The Indian Army is doing a commendable job, in the toughest of conditions and there is no doubt about it. I have lost friends, men whom I dined with, went with for picnics and movies and family holidays. I know the pain and the suffering of the families. I know all that they have to put up with. I have seen young officers who have lost their fingers and toes to frostbite.

    However, any nation that does not question its Armed Forces stands to create a dangerous situation for itself. Governments do not allow them a free run, and there is a reason behind it. Questioning is always healthy – if not there will be fear and a control.

    These are men of steel and rants by their detractors are not going to affect them. Believe me, they are beyond all the pettiness. Their morale is not so easy to break. They take a pledge to protect the nation, a pledge to give up their lives in the line of duty. Such men cannot be cowed down by a commentary.

    What kind of support can social media campaigns reflect? How do messages going around on social media provide support? They are again just words. There is no support where it matters. Did anyone step in to speak for better pay and amenities for these men? Are people willing to take a pay cut so the soldiers who are keeping our borders safe can get a bigger pay cheque? It was the media that highlighted the discrepancies of pay between the bureaucrats and the Armed Forces – which still persists.

    We do not stand up and honour our men and women in uniform. You must look at the way serving personnel and veterans are honoured in the US. Even Indian veterans receive the same respect as their US counterparts. They say, you served your country and we honour you.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Unnecessary, unwarranted and unjust criticism definitely affects the moral because "we do not stand up and honour our men and women in uniform".
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    The entire nation salutes the Indian Army for securing our borders from hostile neighbours in severe weather conditions. The families of the Armed Forces also brave the difficulties they face due to separation for long periods with dignity. What else can we do except to express our solidarity with them? It is for the Government to look after the welfare of the Army personnel.
    Without question, we cannot progress. There is nothing wrong if the right questions are put to enhance the reputation of the Armed Forces. The Army is much in news these days because certain political parties are trying to highlight them for their political gains. The present day Government is guilty of using the name of Army in elections. In a democracy, all sorts of questions crop up due to this tendency of the Government.The Army is supposed to be in the background and does their job without interference from politicians. I am very much pained to see the high ranking officials of the Army, serving and retired, to appear in the media giving statements and participating in debates. It is the best for them to stay away from the media and not to attract any attention either good or bad.
    The mention of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the context of this thread is unwarranted. They never demeaned the Armed Forces. Gandhiji survived for less than six months after India gained the Independence. The comment of the author that Gandhiji wanted the Army to clean the toilets is questionable. The Army always builds roads in the strategic areas all the time.
    The Indian Army was ill equipped and ill prepared at the time of Chinese aggression in 1962. The war was forced by China and India has no other option than to fight it in unfavourable conditions.
    The present Government is taking all the steps to equip the Armed Forces with the latest weaponry. This itself is not sufficient. The basic needs of the soldiers like food and proper clothing need to be addressed immediately.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Gandhi's view on Indian Army:
    Nehru's neglect of Indian Army after independence:

    (There are many more documented history/evidence on the views of Gandhi and Nehru about Armed Forces. I have mentioned only two.)

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    Partha, are you sure you have read the contents of the links provided by you at #601788? Please read the same once more; this time with a clear mind. I am not going into your thread because it has got nothing to do with love and concern for the Armed Forces or their welfare or patriotism; it is the reflection of distorted knowledge and political inclination. Please do not drag the Armed Forces into political games. Sorry for the remarks in this competition entry but could not help it.

    A humble request- Instead of posting links as responses, come out with what you have to say.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I concur with what Saji expressed. Always be open minded. A prejudiced mind cannot see the matter in proper perspective.
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    The truth comes out in a strong, hurting and transparent way and that applies to this thread. The author has rightly and boldly pointed out the frustration and confusion of our intelligensia for making remarks on our national pride or national prestige. This is unfortunate but true.

    It is said that if media and intellegensia of a country are not loyal and open minded to it's integrity, the countries progress will be affected.

    It is a world vide belief that the real knowledgeable people are those who do not bother for their religion, caste, group and social status when there comes the question of national importance and safety and security of the country and it's people. If these qualities are there then only they can be termed as the real intelligentsia.

    Sometimes I feel and it has been done in many countries that before joining any job every person should be mandatory exposed to 2 years rigorous army training and work so that he understands what it is to fight for ones country.

    I think we have to learn lessons from Israel like countries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    #601790: I generally don't post links. However, in the present case, I had to do it because a respeected Member stated "The mention of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the context of this thread is unwarranted. They never demeaned the Armed Forces. Gandhiji survived for less than six months after India gained the Independence".
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I have gone through the links provided by you. I did not find anything you wrote about Gandhiji in that article" Indian Army and Mahatma Gandhi" by Prof Yogendra Yadav. That was before the Independence of India. Probably you are relating it to the present Indian Army. The speech by General J N Chaudhuri about "Nehru and Indian Armed Forces" enhanced my respect towards Nehruji. The circumstances during Chinese aggression of 1962 are far different from what they are today. I too accept that Indian Army was not in a prepared position. Neglect of the Indian Armed Forces was due to the perception that Pakistan is the only threat and China will never attack India. The neglect in increasing the number of forces and defence equipment was due to the idea that an independent country with no idea of expansionism will not be attacked by the others. This was proved to be wrong and India woke up to the reality. No where in those two links I find that Gandhiji or Nehruji demeaned the Armed Forces.
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    #601825: "Indian army, being a creation of the British Government, I assumed, would be automatically disbanded when that power withdrew, unless it was taken over by a treaty by the replacing Government. If the withdrawal took place by agreement and with goodwill on both sides, these matters should present no difficulty.
    The Indian Army should be given this unique opportunity of doing constructive work. They can be moved about easily. They could, therefore, be sent to all such places where wells need to be dug most urgently."- I am quoting from the article.

    Furthermore, for your kind information, since 1857, the Indian Army had a distinct identity different from British Army.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    #601842, do read the write-up in it's totality; it does not help to be choosy. You would have formed a different opinion had you read the whole thing keeping the period and context in mind.
    And I would like to have a clarification on another point you brought out in your thread- are you sure that Dr Manmohan was responsible for the Kargil war? Please, for heaven's sake, do not make such irresponsible statements.

    Partha, it is not the intelligentsia (definition of which was sought from you in an earlier thread but you failed to provide the same), as you say, who consider it a fashion to belittle the Army but praising the Armed Forces and saying all good things about them (without doing anything) has certainly become a fashion for some who consider themselves (and only themselves) to be patriotic and nationalists!

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: The Forum response does not provide adequate space to discuss issues in details. Please mind your language (irresponsible statements). I have been studying this subject for more than 20 years. Please check the defence allocation during the period 1991-96. Please also check comments of various high-ranking military officers during that period. regarding defeence allocation. I do stand by my earlier statement that downsizing defence budget during the period 1991-96 later caused Kargil. This is not a question of political affiliation. This is a statistical fact.

    I have read the entire article of Yogendra Yadav. This article gives a valuable insight about Gandhi's mindset about armed forces.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I think this discussion is going to be a lengthy one. I will start again and discuss the points one by one.
    1. The thread starts with the latest fashion of intelligentsia. If the intelligentsia is questioning, there must be some substance to it. The questions asked by them should be answered properly by the Government. Questioning is not a fashion or crime and it should not be taken in a negative sense.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Fashion means a style change rejecting the old and existing and moving to a new style. The old and existing style followed was not to belittle the armed forces, national icons, leaders of independence struggle etc. But dynamism makes that also to change. So old and existing is rejected and the contrast is now tried. So that becomes one type of fashion. As it is fashion, it is sure to change by itself. Fashion is fad and the present one fades and a new one shines. That goes on like that. Sometimes history may repeat also.

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    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Partha, control your emotions please! Do not go overboard.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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