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This thread has won a Special Prize in the TOW contest for the week 25th June to 01st July '17 on the topic 'Fashion'.
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    Are we victims of fashion?

    Human desires are unending. We want everything but when we achieve a particular thing, after some time we want a change, pursuit for something else.

    This urge and feeling for 'change' is the driving force for us to go for new things, unseen terrains, new friends, new clothes, new vehicle and so on. The list is endless.

    In society some people are rich and can afford whatever they feel to purchase or spent on their recreation. They showcase a lifestyle and their life patterns are mimicked by others. Others feel it is fashionable to do so. Unfortunately everyone is not rich but those who can not afford also try to mimic the fashionable things by purchasing cheap but fashionably designed items by copying the attires of rich class. Fashion has a root in these things and it is the business houses who take advantage of this opportunity to have increase of revenue in their coffers.

    Though almost all the people in one way or other adopt fashion in their life but some are more seriously bitten by this bug. The younger generation is also a very apt target for fashionable things as they are in their adulthood and want to flaunt to the world if they can afford the same. They believe that 'If you have it, you flaunt it'.

    The advocates of fashion plead that this human life is only for once so why to waste it by not enjoying the fashion and fashionable things and their followers spend money to prove their words. The mature and alert think otherwise, they tell that it is the handiwork of some big business houses to introduce new and fashionable products to allure the public and in that game these business houses earn more money.

    Sometimes it appears we are the victim of fashion and some of us are wasting our money just to prove that we are fashionable.

    This is my entry for TOW-'fashion' contest.
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    Yes. It is real that we are victims of fashion. If we see somebody with a good shirt, we feel we should also have it. We will try to purchase. We never bother about our financial position when compared to others. In this guise many families are getting ruined with loans. I have a friend. He was a rich man. But he was never happy with what he had . He used to compare him self with others who are much more richer. He always tried to compete with them in purchases and finally he wasted all his money and left with debts. To clear his debts he has to sell his house. I have seen his downfall with my own eyes. That is how this people are becoming victims to fashion.
    It is absolutely correct the so called business houses are making us victims of Fashion and they are getting richer and richer

    always confident

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    We are victims when we do not have any control on something. But in fashion styles we have a control whether to comply and follow not. It needs some will power to swim against currents.

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