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    My father is not hiding inside our home

    Ladies and gentleman,
    My father is not hiding inside our home. In Tamil "' Engappan Kuthirukkul Illai." Just understand the following and post your creative writing/comments on this.

    Guest: Hi little boy, Where is your Dad?
    Boy: Sorry uncle. He is not hiding inside our home.
    Guest: Why? Where is he now?
    Boy: He is at home, but he asked me to say so.

    Let us have some fun.
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    After reading this old proverb in Tamil and subsequent explanation given by the author, my thoughts immediately ran to a old Tamil film in which Rajnikanth and Senthil have a dramatic and commedy sequence. While going to see the girl for Senthil , Ranjnikanth and others prefer to go by walk and in the middle the groom falls down and his shirt get dirty. Rajni shares his shirt the the journey commences. At the venue, when he was asked about why they came late and why they are coming by walking, the entire thing happened were told and Rajni adds to the twist that the shirt worn by Senthil does not belong to him and thus Senthil gets annoyed and walk away from the girls house without even seeing the girl. Some times we talk so funny that we reveal what we want to keep as surprise or not known to others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A young boy is going to see a girl for marriage. He requested one of his friends to accompany him. The young boy got dressed very nicely and appearing handsome with a latest wrist watch to his left hand and a nicely polished shoe. . The friend told him the dress is very good and shoes are excellent. At the same time he asked the young boy about his wrist watch. The young boy told him that watch he has taken on loan from his relation and requested him not to reveal the same to girl's family. Both of them gone to girl's house. Girl's parents received them well. They started praising the young boy. One person from the family asked the friend, your friend's dress is very good, where did he brought it? The friend replied, yesterday only he has purchased this dress on his own from shop but don't ask me about wrist watch. After a few minutes another person asked the friend, your friend's shoe is very good where from he brought it? The friend replied he purchased two days before for this occasion only, but don't ask me about the wrist watch. Every time whatever they are asking this friend is ending his answer with don't ask me about the wrist watch. Then all of them together asked him why are you repeating the same sentence at the end of the answer, The reply given by the friend is This watch is not the own watch of this boy. It belongs to his relation, but the boy asked me not to tell you this here. If you ask I have to tell you truth that is why I am repeating the same answer to stop you from asking that. It is like going to a marriage with a monkey.
    always confident

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