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    Fashion: our kind friend in this cruel world.

    Fashion is a great way of staying happy in life. It makes a person feel good and confident about himself/ herself, which is more important than anything else. Many will argue that this happiness or pleasure is materialistic, superficial and not long lasting, which is completely true, but let's be practical here. In this busy world, who has the time for looking for the pleasures of soul. Everyone is living in stress and frustration, especially the teenagers. They are the most confused age group; they don't know whether to act as a child or as an adult; then there is the pressure of achieving something in their life. Moreover, they are very insecure; At this age it feels like everything is about them. Consider yourself as a teenager; whenever you are walking down a road and see a group of other teenagers laughing, it feels like they are laughing at you; Consequently, you start contemplating the various negative aspects of your personality, " maybe I don't look that good" , "maybe I was walking in a funny way" etc. In these tough times, if wearing good clothes, following the latest fashion trends makes them feel good about themselves, then their is nothing wrong with it. Happiness is happiness, whether it is long lasting or temporary. When you are happy and feel good about yourself, your productivity automatically increases. You feel more confident as a person and life seems a lot easier.

    One must appreciate the benefits of fashion in his/her life. Fashion is our kind friend in this cruel world.
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    I do agree with the author that fashion is the friend is this cruel world but fashion should not become a laughing stock for the others to have a dig at us. On the other day one boy was teased by the relatives at a function just because he colored the front porting of his hair with multicolor and just looked like a cock moving among public. Surely he might have attracted and want to sport a new hair look. He might have received a good comment from his college friends for his great new look, but when he is mingling in the social gathering where the elders are also meet, then there is going to be great criticism and the parents will be chided first. The same thing happened. Every one started him calling cock from that day and the boy was literally harassed the whole day. So what I mean to say that the fashion should not be hindrance to our character.
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    Fashion should not be a curse. Fashion should be to give a decent look of us to others. If somebody stares at us, we can understand that something is wrong in our dress, hair or shoes etc.. What I want to say is we should not be a odd man out. There is nothing wrong in wearing new designs, new models and variety dresses. But for fashion having a hole on the pant and putting a sticker on that looks odd. So every thing should have a limit. Too much is always not good.

    Now a days I am seeing a 65 years man wearing a half pant or 2/3 pant and roaming on the road. Similarly another 6o years woman roaming on the road at about 1 PM with a nighty looks odd. So no restrictions for fashion and wearing good looking and impressive dresses. But these should not be used to provocate others.

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    How each one has a different perception in any given topic is well evident in this thread also. The author is seeing fashion as a kindness in the cruel world. I really appreciate his efforts to justify his views. Fashion is shown in this thread as a placebo pill that boosts the sullen ego of teenagers. Interesting!.

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