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    The badge winners should have been cash awarded

    Dear ISC and Members,
    The badge winners have been announced recently. I suggest/request the ISC authorities to give them a cash award. In general, every award carries a cash prize too. It should be a one time award for their good efforts put in to get the badges. I recommend a very little sum of Rs. 250/- to each badge winner. ISC may increase/decrease the sum if more/less fund is available. As of now, there are only 8 badge winners. ISC would lose only Rs. 2000/- from their fund.

    What do you say, my dear members?
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    What I feel that these badges are given by ISC on getting the opinion and recommendations from other members and for which why the ISC should loose money through announcing cash rewards. Anyway if the ISC considers this proposal, it would welcomed.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan ji,
    The members send their recommendation on the request from ISC to award badges. Members don't do it on their own. Hence, ISC is fully responsible to honour the badge awardees by awarding cash prize to the winner.

    Outside the ISC, every award has its own cash prize. Only ISC badge award doesn't have it. ISC should consider it. At least Rs.1/-or Rs. 10/- or Rs. 100/- as cash award would justify the award. I don't think, ISC's fund is so low that it cannot pay Rs. 1/- to the badge. Some sum is the need to satisfy the badge winners.

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    It may be a good suggestion by Mr.Sun to give some cash award also with badges. Many awards are periodically given ie., monthly, weekly, biweekly or yearly like that. But this badges are not like that. They may announce Badges as and when they want to give. That is why they might have not awarded. As mentioned by Mr.Sun in generally all awards will have cash award or a gift even it may be a virtual gift. So along with badge announcement if they send the winners a virtual gift, it looks good and every body will feel happy also. The concerned may give a thought about it.
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    My question is - If ISC can spare some good sum for contests, competitions etc, what is the problem in awarding some petty cash to the badge winner? So far ISC, since its inception, must have awarded 20 to 25 badges which stands cancelled. They were not awarded. Presently, they awarded 8 new badges only. Even if they award 20 badges in a year, ISC would lose few hundred rupees from their good fund. I request ISC Admin to consider this cash award for badge winners. ISC should justify their stand on this issue. Will ISC become bankrupt by this cash award? No...No...No...Never. Dear ISC, You are rich forever with the blessings of ISCian. Please give a good thought to this suggestion.
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    Why ISC is silent? Why there is no response from ISC? Why ISC hestitates to respond this thread? Did ISC WM/ME/LEs/ Es notice this thread? Say 'yes' or 'No' with due justification.
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    Award of a badge is considered a great honour bestowed upon a Member by ISC administration. This should not be mixed up with monetary benefits. After all, monetary benefits are available for winning various competitions being organised in this platform. But in this regard, I think the decision of the administration is final and must be obeyed by all.
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    Mr. Partha Kansabanik,
    We all are aware that a badge is a honour bestowed upon a member by ISC. But to honour that badge, some monetary benefit is essential. A badge is awarded for the best and it should have some value and effect. It is awarded for the hard work put in by a member.

    We are not asking for a huge sum from the ISC fund, but a small sum from the ISC's account. I think, ISC will consider it after reading this thread.

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    "But to honour that badge, some monetary benefit is essential"-Honouring the badge? "Are you serious"?
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    With reference to queries in #602590 - Silence speaks louder than words. Lack of response is your answer. Move on.
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    Very bad, What! 'Silence speaks louder than words'. Are you sure Madam ME? An unsuitable proverb not applicable to a site like ISC. Not expected from a responsible head like you who should be loud and clear with her words, deals and deeds. We want an ME who can speak, not mum.
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