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    Fashion is a mirror of our Culture

    In most of the times, Fashion is a mirror of our culture. People tends to follow other culture or fashion rather to follow their own. Every culture has its own value, so the fashion also. Fashion here, it may be dress or habit or activity. Whatever the fashion, it should be a value for that. Copying or following others will not be great one if we forgot to follow our own.
    Fashion also plays a vital role according to the place. For example, if you want to wear a dress for any birthday party or marriage function that will be different that of going to temple. So for any situation, we have to follow our culture which should reflect in the name of fashion.
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    Our appearance gives an indication of our culture. If we see a lady with long hair, we will say she is from India. Similarly if we see a man with kutha and Pajama, we will say he is from India. Everybody will try to reflect their culture in their dress, talking and behaving. At the same time they want to appear fashionable. So there is no problem in that. Whatever we do it should not go away from our culture.

    But nowadays this basic point is forgotten Many want to like a different person from different culture. In India 90% of males forgotten the Indian way of dressing and today also we are following British culture. But majority of ladies are within our culture only. Recently some younger generation is trying to change the trend and trying to go to the other side. But as suggested by the author we should see that our way of life should reflect our culture only.

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    It may not be the true reflection of culture, but a trend of the youngsters of that period at least.

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