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    Hockey is our national game

    Hockey is our national game but as compared to cricket people doesn't watch hockey match in television or in ground.

    Few people know about hockey's rules and they know how to play hockey . But most of the people know everything about cricket.

    Even our government doesn't spend as much in hockey as compared to cricket.

    And the hockey player's do not get as much cricket.

    Hockey is touch than cricket because in hockey they gave more effort than cricket. They run in whole game and want to goal but in cricket a good batsman score big.

    In hockey there is do much effort to save a goal but in cricket there were a field is set to save runs and the where the ball is hitted by other team there is a player to save runs

    In hockey there is no any type of arrangement are there to save goals only one player is available to save it
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    Hockey is also a good game. Initially in our country many people used to see these matches. At that time cricket was not very famous and our hockey players are very talented and winning many matches.
    Slowly Cricket has come into limelight. People used to watch 5 day matches. Hockey lost its way. Good players of hockey retired.
    Government is getting lot of money through cricket matches as many people are going to watch the game in stadiums. Many innovations are being done in cricket. From 5 day match, it has come to two days with 60 overs each team. The one day with 50 overs a team. recently 20-20 version is started. Now people are not going to watch 5 day match. because there in no time . But many are interested in seeing 20-20 match.
    But in hockey I don't think any changes were made like this to make it more viewer's friendly.
    Do you think it is better to change the national game from hockey to cricket.

    always confident

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    It is true that hockey is not given as much as respect as cricket but saying that it is tougher than cricket won't be right. Every game has its own set of requirement skills. A good batsmen is good because he has worked hard for it. No one is a born genius. To hit a ball into the gap requires a lot of practice. Also it's not that in hockey there is only one player to save the goal; there is a whole defense line up.
    No game is easy; to excel in any game, you have to work hard.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Yes every batsman worked hard but no as a player of hockey

    And srinivasa sir
    It is not possible to change the nation game if it is possible then first the govt change the national language Hindi to English.....

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