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    Liquor ban in Bihar, is this really a ban?

    In Bihar, the CM Mr. Nitish Kumar banned liquor in Bihar. But is this ban really effective?

    In Bihar, most of the people drink everyday even now. I don't know how they manage to purchase it.

    Due to the prohibition, there is more black marketing done by the sellers and they charge higher amount as compared to the printed price. They sell the alcohol in double or triple price.
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    It is true that after a particular thing is banned, it's black marketing starts and prices increase manifold. But due to this atleast the number of people drinking will decrease as they won't be able to afford it.
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    It is true many people are habituated to drink alcohol. They have to drink that by hook or by crook.. Otherwise they can't stand . So they will purchase the liquor from black market at a very high price and drink. I know many families got ruined because of this only.

    When N T Rama Rao was the Chief Minister of the combined Andhra Pradesh, liquor ban was imposed. People used to go all the way from Hyderabad to Bidar which is in Karnataka on week ends only to have liquor there. Similarly many people from East Godavari district used to go to Yanam everyday in the evening to have liquor. Yanam is under central Government and no liquor prohibition was implemented at that time there.

    In fact banning liquor is spoiling many families because they forget everything and spend on drinking by paying more and more. So there should be a change in the attitude of the people. Same is the case with cigarette smoking also. Government is going on increasing the rate of cigarettes but nobody stops having it.

    May be Bihar government is sincere in this ban. But people won't cooperate and the businessmen who are selling liquor at a high rate will get benefitted. This is the system in our country.

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    Normally when liquor is banned, the people would find out ways and means to get the liquor by hook or crook. In this regard I want to mention the liquor ban during NTR regime in AP then. The liquor was flowing full. How the people got ? It was simple, the Karnataka border is hardly 110 kilometers from Hyderabad, the boozers wont mind traveling in the bus have good party and come with bottles through illegal way. Even Military quota was sold at high price and every one was earning good money. Fed up with that government has to revere the decision. So Bihar government also failed to have thorough checking and thus cannot stop the liquor inflow.
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    I don't think prohibition has ever tasted success in any part of the world where it has been imposed. Prohibition always leads to black-marketing, illicit brewing and growth in sale and use of other banned drugs.

    Though the governments take a decision based on the social and financial implications, I fear that no government has ever taken the medical side which is very much relevant and need to be taken into account while arriving at such decisions. Prohibition may make legal sale or consumption of liquor impossible but are the governments prepared to deal with the illegal preparations and actions that is an automatic outcome of such prohibitions?

    You cited Bihar, let me tell you that Gujarat is no different. Kerala too witnessed a surge in the use of illegal drugs as an after effect of the restriction on bars and liquor outlets.

    Authorities need to be practical and must find out ways to create awareness and come up with medical programs to fight against this habit. Prohibition can never be a viable solution.

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    Most probably the decision on prohibition was taken by the decision-maker after taking two large Patiala.
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    I agree with Saji. When ever the prohibition was imposed due to demands from the female voters, the states found in catch 22 situation as they are denied the in flow of funds through taxes on sale of liquors and on the other hand the regular boozers got hold of the stock through black marketing illicit brewing. But in Telangana and erstwhile AP there was Prohibition department with task force police at the helm with the sweeping powers to arrest those involved in illegal production and supply of liquor including imposting PD act against them. But when the law enforcing agencies themselves have parched throat and yearn for liquor the actions taken are meager.
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    Being a native of Bihar, I totally agree with Vishal. Officially liquor has been banned in Bihar but those who are addicted are easily getting it and they are having it like they used to before. However they have been decrease in post drinking drama carried out by people in past because drinking alcohol is a punishable offence in the state. Few months, a very interesting fact was viral that rats drank 5 lakh liters of alcohol which had been captured by Bihar police. What can be more ridiculous than this that rat drank alcohol from sealed bottle which is very tough to open for a normal human beings. Of course the black marketing of liquor has increased on massive scale and the role of police in this marketing can not be ignored.
    However, there have been significant decrease in the number of youths getting addicted to alcohol which was a serious concern for the society because earlier many of the youths have started taking beer and liquor as a hobby to look cool. But now they are not getting it anymore and slowly they are getting over their habits. Now most of the men who were daily drinkers are drinking only once or twice a month and thus they saving a large amount of money and are investing it somewhere else. This has increased their status in the society and also peace and harmony has restored in various society and family which used to be like a battle ground before.
    In my views this is one of the best step taken by C.M Nitish Kumar for the welfare of people of Bihar and he has been successful in his effort to a great extent.

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    Gaurav, please do not pull up old threads.
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