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    Are we undermining our culture and tradition in the name of fashion?

    Fashion is a means of expression to the rest of the world and a social declaration about us. Fashion will make our life colourful. Fashion changes from time to time. The way in which people behaved and dressed has changed throughout history and differs from one place to the other. Fashion is not just concealing your body, but for also your external and internal expression. Fashion is not only for young people but also for all ages.

    Every one of us will have a culture and tradition. Clothing in terms of culture will reveal the historic back ground of the person. When you stay in a particular area for a long time, the people around you will identify you as son or daughter of your father or mother. When they see you they remember your family. This is an indication that the way in which you act, the way in which you talk and the way in which you dress up will be going and getting connected to your family in other words to your tradition or culture. You are not only representing you there, you are representing your culture and tradition.

    It is very easy to distinguish a European from a Hindu by the style of dressing. When we see a lady on the road with the body completely covered with black dress except eyes we will say she is a Muslim. If we see a lady with a bind on her forehead we will say she is a Hindu.

    Nowadays many people especially younger generation in the name of fashion completely forgetting and avoiding culture and tradition. All Indian males has forgotten their traditional dress and owned the foreign culture. But many of the females are still continuing the tradition of our country till very recently. But slowly a lot of change is seen in their dressing also. I understand the need of looking good but we should have certain margins for our culture and tradition also. Sometimes in the name of fashion the way in which we appear is giving a negative feeling rather than a positive impression on the individual.

    Because of an individual's act the tradition and culture are losing their reputation. So this is my sincere request to everyone Please don't undermine your tradition and culture in the guise of Fashion.

    Make Fashion as your passion but don't damage the roots of your history.
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    Culture in itself is objective. For example take the case of 'saree'. It is worn in different styles in different regions. The same culture varies from place to place. Culture or fashion, names are different but the meaning is same. Both are adopted actions or behaviours or ways of expressing ourselves. When it is individual we call it style and when it gets adopted by a group of people we call it culture. As long as it does not hurt our self respect and does not picture as someone who could be easily taken advantage of, fashion and culture are good and meant for human self expression, convenience and ordered life. You are very much right sir in saying that extreme passion for new trends without estimating whether it suits us and our way of living is an addiction. Some think that wearing less clothes is fashion but its obscenity. We should not degrade ourselves in the name of fashion or culture. If we are not convinient and comfortable with any aspect of culture or fashion we should adopt a new trend like we did with sati. Sathi was an evil aspect of our culture so we got rid of it and in its place we adopted widow remarriage. The problem arises when we don't realise what is good for us and go on following some awkward and obscene trends just because someone else followed it. In doing so we are killing the very essence of fashion, that is self expression. Culture and fashion are one and the same, the difference lies in the time period. If some trend in fashion is observed for some years it becomes part of our culture. Culture and tradition are dynamic. don't think them as static and make others feel that they are a burden and hold them back. If they feel so they think that others will tease them as outdated if they follow culture and tradition and adopted some other trend even if they are not comfortable with that which eventually leads to death of independent minds.
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    Probably some people need to broaden their horizons and consider this too that it might not be just fashion which is driving a dressing sense. What we wear also has to be comfortable and for bachelors like me, easy to wash and keep.
    In the humid weather of our country, short clothes provide relief and ease of travel. Obscenity is objective and for few people like artists, nudity is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. It looks foolish when people go in swimming pools dressed in Indian attires like Suits and Salwaar kameez. If you are not comfortable with short dresses at least take full body swim suits.

    Our daily dressing sense will always be guided by comfort rather than culture. On cultural occasions, it is good to wear your ethnic wear but even then your own comfort should come before anything else.

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    Mr. Ankit you are right. But everything has limits. Its not that we go out wearing bikinis and complain that someone stared at me and said something. We are not habituated to it. We should present ourselves in a dignified manner. Both of us expressed the same idea in a different way. I said about adoption and comfort and your example of swim suit is the best example for that. I am not saying that people should not wear short clothes what I am saying is that it should not look awkward and lead to trouble and that we should not adopt it due to peer pressure. I can understand your trouble of being a bachelor and made to wash your clothes as I was a hostel dweller for three years. That was the very time when I understood the burden of work my mother bears daily. Its a lesson for us.
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