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    Alert! Link your AADHAR with PAN by 30th June

    Want to link your PAN card with Aadhar card but not aware how to do that? This forum thread will provide you the information of require procedure to link Aadhar card.

    The Government of India has issued a new directive to link the AADHAR with the PAN Number of every individual of the country. This move was challenged in the Court but the Hon'ble Supreme Court has upheld the Government's decision. Needless to say that this step would further reduce the possibility of tax evasion.

    But at present we must know how to link the AADHAR with the PAN Number. In actuality, the process is very simple. A person has to log in to Thereafter, he/she has to go to "Update AADHAR" sub-section. AADHAR can easily be linked by typing the AADHAR number, name of the person and the date of birth. It is a matter of few seconds-I personally checked this today morning. It can also be checked whether AADHAR is already linked with PAN Card.

    In addition, the linking can be done by sending an SMS. The Income Tax Department has issued advertisements in leading national newspapers indicating how the Aadhar number can be linked by sending SMS to 567678 or 56161. In that case, a person has to type : - UIDPAN SPACE AADHAR NUMBER SPACE PAN NUMBER

    So, Members of ISC! Please be quick and complete the simple formality before 1st July, 2017.
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    Thank you Mr. Partha. Today morning I read this information in the news paper and thought that i can do it after coming to office. But because of my work I could not do it and forgotten the issue. Just now I have seen your thread and immediately before replying to the thread, I have completed the linking. Thank you very much. Now my Aadhaar and PAN are linked.
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    It is really good to hear that Dr. Rao has been reminded by my post to complete the fomality. I hope other Members would also check their respective status before the deadline.
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    I do not know whether I have linked my Aadhaar Number with my PAN number. However, after reading Mr. Partha's alert, I tried to link my Aadhaar with my PAN. I failed. I am not getting the page.

    I sincerely hope that our good government would extend the time period for linking Aadhaar with PAN. It really needs time for the whole tax payers of India to complete action.

    Waiting for another soothing message from Partha. I am trying hard to reach the income tax office site. I will try my best today at midnight 29/30 June when the whole Indian tax payers will be resting and sleeping tight.

    @ Partha, Tell us - What will happen if we don't link our Aadhaar with our PAN?

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    Mr. Sun: It is very simple. First log in to you account at Then go to "Profile Setting" (last but one from the right hand side top). Then go to "Link Aadhar" and then check.

    It takes less than one minute. Just now I have checked my status again (while typing this response).

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    First, thanks a ton for sharing this information.

    Second, I haven't an Aadhar card. This crap Aadhar should be banned by Government since we have had already faces many problems. I don't know why the Supreme Court of India are in TWO MINDS. Recent news states that, the Super courts orders citizens of India that Aadhar isn't mandatory since its not a citizenship certificate. On the top of that, UIAD are not updating Aadhar card in time.

    I have this father name printed on Aadhar that is misspelled and doesn't match the name on PAN and Aadhar. This is just a useless one that is actually a plagiarism of US government like the Social Security Number.

    I don't felt important or necessary to link PAN and Aadhar.

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    Mr. Sun: It has been reported that if the AADHAR is not linked with PAN, then the PAN is liable to be cancelled.
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    Success...success...Success... I am successful in linking my AADHAAR with my PAN. Very Many Thanks to Mr. Partha Kansabanik for reminding us through an alert message. Now my PAN is safe and sound with no cancellation fear.
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    A nice reminder for the lazy souls. It is a small job but in our laziness we postpone it endlessly only to find out inconvenience for us.
    Aadhar is going to be the unique identification for the individuals and there is no surprise if it replaces PAN, voter and ration cards in near future. Such an important card we must take care in following the Govt directives in this regard.

    The demonetization, GST and Aadhar strengthening are the crucial steps taken by Govt to minimize the generation of black money which can only be achieved in a large country like India through such drastic measures.

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    I had linked my Aadhaar number and PAN number a couple of days ago. After postponing for some days , I suddenly decided t sit and do the linking. It was not difficult as I feared before. The work wa over in a few minutes and I got the confirmation alert Adhhar and PAN 'linked successfully'.

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    This is the timely alert from the author and every citizen of India must link the Aadhaar with Pan card and that has become must and compulsory. Hope everyone adheres to it.
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    Partha, just now I have also linked my family's pan card details with aadhar card and successfully done with this task.

    Thanks for sharing this important information here in ISC!

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    Mr. Dabholkar: Has the deadline been extended? It is new information to me!
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