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    Impact of Fashion on Students

    Fashion does not only mean a popular trend or style but also means a manner of doing something. It also means the smartness of the people when they talk. Everybody seems to be fashionable these days. One need not be fair enough to be fashionable, there are many people who are dark are extremely fashionable. Fashion plays an important role in every one's life. Fashion is a just a passion and a style of living.

    Today's fashion has affected the school students very badly. Students are too much involved in fashion. The bags they take, watch they wear, the clothes they dress up are all based on today's fashion. Nowadays students are more fashionable than adults. I feel very sad that the students waste their time and money on fashion by neglecting the studies. They are too much involved in fashion. Earlier days youngsters engaged themselves in reading books or newspapers and gain some knowledge, but now in today's world, they only prefer reading fashion magazines, watching TV, finding latest trends on the web. Earlier teenagers used to go out with their parents for shopping. But now they plan with their friends to big malls for shopping and have fun.

    During my time our aim was to complete our graduation, get a good job and be successful in our life but now, the children feel that there is no job better than fashion. They want to build their career in this glamor fashion world. It is the duty of a parent to keep a watch on their child and keep them away from getting involved in fashion. Getting updated with fashion is acceptable but getting addicted to it should be avoided. As too much involvement in trends and styles will distract their mind from studies.
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    Impact of Fashion on students is very high. It is increasing day to day. Unnecessarily students are wasting their time and money for this fashions. I think the culprit for this trend is Cinema and TV. The students who are in their teenage will have lot of thinkings about their future and they always want to be in the limelight. By studying well and getting good marks also will give them lot of identity. But it requires lot of work and concentration. So the easy way is to get identified in a group with different type of haircut or a different type of clothes. So they prefer this. Here the role of parents come . They should always warn the children with the adverse effects of these fashions. Generally if we can take care of them properly during this teenage , they will get matured thinking and behave properly.
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    College or school students are affected most by the fashion as they are influenced much by the lifestyle of film heroes and heroins and other celebrities.
    They are in their tender age and are impressed with what they see so easily that you can convince them with advertisements or simple oration.
    That is the age when one is on the path of getting experienced of the ways of life and it is no surprise if they fall towards fashion as the most adorable thing within their friend circle.

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