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    Film stars influence the society in setting a fashion trend and style

    Fashion trends changes frequently. Youngsters are the stars who play a major role in setting the fashion trends in the society. In India, many people especially the youth crowd gives more importance to movies and entertainment shows. Some insane fans worship movie stars and follow the style of their favorite actors in their daily life. If a top actor or actress appears in a particular style of dress or hair style in a movie or any shows, then immediately the fans blindly follow the style without even thinking about the comfort and practicality. Some dresses and hair styles gives a shabby look, but still the youngsters consider that as a stylish fashion. Movie stars and other famous icons drive the fashion world and they stand as an inspiration for the common people, because the society follows the celebrities and get ideas on how to dress or what to wear for parties, marriages and other functions. Film stars have high power to attract a large crowd and that is the reason why some popular brands promote their clothing and accessories with the top movie stars and models.

    Film stars influence the society in setting a fashion trend and style-Agree or Disagree?

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    There is no second thought about it. Movies and TV shows are influencing this society in setting a fashion trend. Indians in general and South Indian in particular are very big hero worshipers. What ever their hero does is correct. They follow him in Fashion. So many business houses are taking these actors or actresses as their brand ambassadors and trying to sell their products. Nowadays many people are going for very indecent dressings also by seeing the dresses of heroines in movies. Earlier heroines used to dress well for public functions like audio release functions, success meets etc. But nowadays they are dressing for these functions also like in movies. This is becoming a fashion. Younger generation is going for these fashions forgetting our culture and tradition.
    I think it is not a welcome move. we should see that we should not spoil our traditions and culture.

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    Very true. The maximum affect on society is from films. People are influenced by films very much. The fashion In the film percolates down the society and disseminates in an astonishing manner. Within no time everyone is seen colored in the color of the film. Every young person is whisling the same tune.The dialogues of the film are being repeated by the ordinary people in the same way they were delivered in the film.

    Unbelievable but true. Every person is fan of some particular actor or actress. We try to keep ourselves in his or her place. Role model for us. We notice even a small change in their dress and are fascinated by it.

    Celebrities have the maximum influence on our lives and our fashion parameters are governed by them remotely.

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    Yes I agree with the author that film stars would highly influence the fans with their fashions introduced in every film. I remember when I was student, the trend set by Amitabh Bachhan in a film with a Bell Bottom pant has become craze and fashion as every one who liked Amitabh insisted their tailor to stitch like what AB has worn. Like wise wide collar shirts worn by NTR has become fashion those days and wearing sun glasses even when there is no need also become the fashion.And as regards to ladies the fashion statement was more from female actors. I remember Vanisree used to have heavy make up those days and her hair styles are wonderful and adorable. Many young girls want to sport like Vanisree and Prabha another actress who looked elegant and beautiful too with her simple and yet arresting fashion statements.
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