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    This is how the Festival of Rakhi Began the Tradition.

    It is believed that the Demon king Bali did "Yagya" for expanding his Kingdom. During the puja ceremony Lord Vishnu came as a little beggar and asked him just 3 steps measured land for "Sandhya Vandan". As Bali was a great donor he agreed to do so. His religious teacher Shukracharya stopped him to do so, but ignoring his alert he picked the pot and took water on his palm for "Sankalp"(religious promise).
    Soon lord Vishnu appeared in its vast board form and in just two foot step measured his entire kingdom. The demon king becomes very sorry to see his promises are going to be false. As he has no land left where the lord Vishnu will put his third and final foot the king offered his back. Depriving all his kingdom lord sent him to "Patallok"

    Vishnu became very happy to see such a great donor. In return the Vishnu asked him to beg a boom. The king asked him to be the gate keeper of his kingdom in "Patallok".

    There in "Golok" Lakshmi was waiting Lord for a long time. She asked Narad to find the exact location of Lord. Narad singing Narayan Narayan moved from one "Lok to another Lok" finally reached Patal. There he saw Lord Vishnu working as gate keeper. He returned and planned an idea. He told Maa lakshmi to go to king Bali and tie a thread on his wrist as Rakhi. He is famous as a kind hearted donor. He will definitely say you to ask something in return. Then you must beg lord Vishnu
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    i recollect myself long time back when i was living in India.some Hindu sisters used to attach a rakhee to Muslim brothers..and it was acknowledged by every other person with no problems..feelings about the celebration has nothing to do with religion.but one must regard the heavenliness of the other person said.

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    Where from this story has come out . But it is good to read.

    The Girl friend of The great Alexander thought that his lover will die in the war with Purushottama. She wanted to save him. So she has gone to Purushottama with a thread and she tide it to his hand. Purushottama felt happy and inquired about her. Then she requested him not to kill her boy friend in the war. He accepted.

    War between these two kings that is Purushottama and Alexander. Alexander was not able to stop Purushottama in the war. Purushottama is about kill the other. But at that moment he remembered the word given to Ruksana and left him.
    This is another story about Rakhi.

    always confident

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    The information of the part on connection Rakhi is new to me.

    However the first part (ending with second para, that is " lord sent him to "Patallok"' is the basis legend for Onam 'celebrated by Keralites.

    The legend about Onam is that Mahabali prayed to Lord Vishnu to allow him to visit his subjects onec a year. That time is celebrated as Onam. The people under King Mahabali were very happy and healthy. During Onam, people welcome their King Mahabali with the happiness and gratitude remembering his period even now.

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    Nicely narrated mythological story and the connection to the Rakhi.
    It is only a thread tied on the wrist but has immense power beneath it that the wearer is ready to do anything the sister wants.

    These are the great traditions in our culture and keeping them alive is our concern.

    I congratulate Deepak for introducing such a nice piece of narration in this thread.

    Knowledge is power.

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