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    Is fashion the copying of styles of celebrities and upper class?

    Fashion is basically copying of dress, manners and gadgets of celebrities and big people by the middle class or general public.
    'I should do it because they (celebrities and big people) do it or I should have it because they have it' is the philosophy of these copycats.

    In the rage of fashion people even forget not to wear shabby or torn dresses otherwise a few decades ago who could imagine to wear torn jeans.The misery is if you do not follow the present fashion trends you are looked down upon by those who are following the trend as such people feel that they look more educated and modern.
    In the race of being one-up in the world of fashion people are embracing everything good or bad.
    One interesting thing is that if a small or poor guy does something it is never copied as a fashionable thing.

    I wish if following traffic rules, adhering to discipline, not breaking queues etc were also considered fashionable then we would not require awareness program for these rules and ettiquettes.
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    Yes to certain extent we may agree that some people follow the fashion trend set by actors and celebrities if they are ardent followers. I have seen people wearing shabby dress as worn by a Telugu hero in a movie and such kind craze is over indulging. No actor may watch the fashion being aped by the fans but on the other hand fans gets the brickbat and scolding from elders and parents for being rude on fashion and aping the actors and celebrities. We all know South Superstar Rajnikanth has his typical style to light the cigarette by toppling and then getting it fixed in his mouth through popping actions. Such mind of actions and fashion cannot be tried nor it will happen. What I feel that some stunts and fashion actions are done with many takes and then edited with fineness and that will showcase as the big fashion for us but for ordinary fans aping that could be just impossible.
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    It is a fact that whatever celebrities and big people do will become a fashion. The poor and middle class people will try to imitate them It is a child mentality. Following somebody with closed eyes is crime, in my opinion. But unfortunately it is the way of our younger generation. sometimes this mentality create lot of problems to parents. Even though they can't afford they try to satisfy their child and unnecessarily get to bad financial position. We should not have false prestige. It will spoil families. What is our capability and is it necessary are to be seen. I feel it is better to make the child to understand the position. Sometimes they may get upset. Parents need not worry.

    In the guise of fashion people are going for all types without thinking good or bad. Ultimately it will create a bad impression to others about these people. I agree with the author that rich people will never follow poor people.

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    Fashion style is mostly copied by general people from celebrities. Equally influencing factor is the movies. I remember how the young women in Kerala in those days adopted a particular style of wearing Saree after seeing the style of the heroine in a Malayalam movie. Of course that was decent and elegant only.

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    I still remember that during my childhood (early and late seventies), there was a fashion of bell-bottom (I am not sure about spelling) trousers following Amitabh Bachhan. My father used to laugh these trousers.

    Recently I was watching 'Don' (original Don of Amitabh, Pran, Jeenat Aman, Om Shivpuri). When I saw the trousers of the Don, i.e., Amitabh, I started laughing. I remembered that my father used to laugh at those trousers. The trousers were indeed very uncomfortable and it was very diffuclt to run wearing those trousers.

    Indeed fashion means following the celebrities.

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    @60197329 . yes, I was also wearing bell-bottom pants. In fact the bottom measurement varied and ended up as jumbo bottoms. It appeared as elephant foot. (Yaanaikkaal in Tamil). My aunt used to tease me that if I walk across the room ,the room gets swept clean .

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    Copying of big people like celebrities and business magnates is a thing of pride for a common person. He feels that he is connected to them in some way. Some of these common people even feel theirselves theoritically and emotionally with those big guys.

    It is unfortunate that we mindlessly copy the ways, styles and attires of celebrities only to find that by doing it we are only increasing the number of their followers.

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