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    Is it true that product initially successful in market slowly degrade in quality with time?

    When a product is launched in market sometimes it is successful and establishes it's sale.

    After some time in many cases people start complaining about the quality of the product and it appears that the product is slowly degrading in quality.

    Why it happens that a company is not able to maintain the quality of the product in long run.

    What is your view on this?
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    Good post raised by the author. It is true and the real fact that initially any company which launches a product or service would take extra precaution to maintain good quality and sustain with that progress. But over the period of time the company haves substantial market share and thus it would deviate from main quality and also resort to new pricing. This I have seen in many food products especially the Atta. When the customers are almost certain and sticks to the brand, the quality dwindles and the price rises. This brings bad reviews from the customers and eventually the customer base is eroded with formidable entry of new company and brand. Either too Hindustan lever was enjoying the monopoly market from tooth brush to the Atta, now after Patanjali forayed into the market HLL lost its loyal customers as Patanjali can bring out low quality in every product sold by HLL and also added the desi tag which worked out nicely.
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    Not all products go like that. However the manufacturers may be compelled to sell in a particular price range to be in the market among many competitors. So they may try to cut corners. That may first start from packaging and discount and end up in compromising quality. However many manufacturers who are committed to quality may no do that, but maintain consistent quality and make buyers aware of that keep the loyalty of customers.

    I am regularly using a particular brand of Agarbathi for last few years. It is a premium brand. The cost is definitely higher than the many other brands and varieties. So first they reduced the weight(no of sticks) and kept the same price for some time. Then they increased the price a little. But the quality is still maintained in the same consistency.

    However such 'committed' manufacturers are becoming less and less.

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    This shows the poor management of quality of the product in the manufacturing. Generally a new product is launched initially all care about the product quality and performance will be taken. Once the product got a name in the market a type of complacency will come in the management. That will be the starting point for decline of quality.

    Another aspect is competition and as a result of competition decrease in market rates which will tell upon the quality. This happens when the market competition is more and customers ask only for less price rather than quality.

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    Although there are many products which gets much fame with there launch and advertisement and higher sell but with time they began to loose there values as the manufacturer's main motto is to get benefits and because of that sometime they tend to compromise with the quality of product hiding behind the fame of the product , but not all the products fall into this category.
    There are many products which are known for their quality, authenticity and even low price and they have maintained there brand value through decades and in some cases even centuries and still people prefer to buy these products.
    So we can't judge all these products on this basis and expect its quality to degrade with time, but its good to be a aware consumer and know about other products also rather than sticking to a single product based on its brand value and name.

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