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    Do Indians really do not have sense of time?

    Hurting statement, when people say that Indians have no sense of time. Perhaps the Britishers who reigned in India for years noticed the general lifestyle of Indians and they took for granted that Indians are not punctual. But yet many great people from India who visited abroad for conferences or summits have proved their creditworthiness and punctuality. All Indians are not non-punctual, but due to some Indians who are lazy and do not adhere to timings, all the Indians are labeled in that way. I have seen an author from ISC also has used the phrase 'Indians have no sense of time'. But today, many migrants from India have proved that they are disciplinarians.

    So, what do you think is the right strategy to prove that we Indians are not non-punctual and we can follow timings in every circumstance.
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    Yes sorry to state that Indians wont have the feeling of sense of time. They wont follow the time of their own and also cause irreparable damage to others for waiting for them and thus the whole concept of a planned event goes waste. Here I wish to point out regarding the time sense of rail passengers. We know Indian Railways trains are likely to make up or loose timings while passing through the intermediate station. Only in big stations the trains are stopped if they reached the station earlier but once they start and go fast and while approaching other stations in onward journey, some times the trains would arrive earlier and depart because the time given for each stop would be hardly two minutes and in that situation those who wont follow the timings would certainly miss the train and has to take alternate arrangement.
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    One of the method used by Britishers to make Indians loyal towards them was the spread of various lies, propagandas to make Indians feel inferior and tend to believe in concept of whiteman superiority by labelling them and classifying them into various tags and categories.
    It is one such myth spread by them.
    Many such myths spread by Britishers are still their in our society and we don't even recognise them .

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    Yes, it is true although it hurts. Most of the Indians aren't punctual. Because of this bad habit, very few who are punctual, face lots of problem in India. Not only that, some of us even ridicule those who are punctual.

    But Indians firmly believe in 'jasmin deshe jadachar'. So, they become punctual when they leave the country or when they join Army.

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    The Indians, in general, do not have time sense and punctuality. As Partha rightly pointed out, the behaviour of Indians changes once they set foot on foreign soil. Being punctual causes problems because the others may not turn up in time. This is not true of all but for a majority.
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    The statement is absolutely true. And, I am the author who has used the phrase.

    We do lack a sense of discipline, and it is visible everywhere. In queues, in the way we drive, in the way we litter, in the way we maintain our surroundings, the list is long.

    Let us not compare the punctuality and good behaviour of the Indian diaspora. We change our ways to gel with the existing values of the country we are in. We follow the rules and are most disciplined because we are on foreign soil and scared of the consequences. Back home, we revert to our earlier ways.

    I live in a society where a large number of people have lived or been abroad, at some time. Yet, I see no sense of discipline, in them.

    There is no point blaming others for our shortcomings - the British left India decades ago. Had there been change on the ground it would have reflected everywhere, not just in Indians who live overseas.

    I would like to highlight the point the author made - " But today, many migrants from India have proved that they are disciplinarians" - my article wrote of locals and their attitude towards time (that is if it was me, whom you quoted).

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    With a painful heart I have to say yes and like many others I also belong to the category who do not respect time.

    Whether it is in our genes or in our upbringing in the society, we miserably fail in adhering to time. Whenever there is a function we intentionally go late only to find out that we are the early birds.

    Recently in one local function we were told that it will start at 7PM and we reached around 7:30 and the function started at 8:30 and chief guest was asked to sit in a house nearby for some time so that he can be called when everything is ready.

    We do not consider a train late if it is late by 1-2 hours. Our perception of lateness is triggered only when it exceeds it and goes beyond it significantly.

    Anyway this situation can only improve when improvement at individual level is attained and late comers are either not allowed to enter the premises or looked down upon by the early birds.

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    All the indians are not the defaulters as far as discipline for time is considered. There are many people who are very particular for time and punctuality is of prime concern for them.

    It is the black sheeps who have given the country as a whole a bad name. In any place you can observe these black sheeps that they will always come late and blame others for their fault. If you argue they will start unending discussions on how everyone is late in working in Govt departments and this has percolated down from there.

    These are the people who demand everywhere timely work. Where ever they go they will shout for not adhering to time and not doing their things in time but in their own place they will be the biggest defaulters.

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    Majority of Indians never follow timing. It happens in all the areas. They take their own time to come keeping the others waiting for them. Especially in corporate meetings all others will come with a thought that boss will come, But Boss will not come in time and his most trusted right hand person won't come. The right hand person will come only after 5 minutes of Boss's arrival.By coming like this he wanted to show others his nearness to the boss. They never think how much time the others are losing because of them.
    Now after coming late, they won't complete the meeting in time. I have seen many people like this.
    But the same boss shout at others if anyone is late by 5 minutes. The educated are like this. What to say about others?
    In Telangana I have seen marriages will not take place at the time of Muhutham. They come late and if somebody goes in time there they may be forced to stay for long to wish the pair.
    Once you follow time discipline all other disciplines will follow. Being punctual is a good discipline.

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    True. Indians are regular and punctual if they have some monetary benefit. Otherwise, they are very casual and lazy without any sense of time. Indians were regular and punctual under the British because of fear. We have deported the fear along with the British after getting independence. Indians have no time to sense the time. To make every Indian to have the sense of time, we need to have India under the Military rule.
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    When I read this thread yesterday I thought many members have already poured the views. But now I want to share my personal experience today. I visited post office in the morning 9.55 am but the SB time of Post office is from 10.00 am only and hence waited in the chair. One counter only meant for SB and all other counter staff came either in time or just within the grace time(!) of 5 to 10 minutes and they are supposed to be above 45. I know the staff at SB counter is very young and young among all the staff there came only at 10.30 am and also to make up the late she give many excuses and delayed further and my work completed only at 11.20 am. I thought of myself, that staff would have uttered many things about government staff and their timings in the early age and when they become employee, they are behaving still worse than them. Where is India ahead?
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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