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    When fashion is no luxury for a mother.

    When the family was middle class and the management of the resources was hard then being fashionable was not a luxury for a mother. She would suppress her desires against her budget fluctuations and would take care of every penny as it was not less than a treasure for her. She would take her mind away from the exuberant fashion display of jewelry and clothes showed by the neighbor's ladies back to her management ethics. She would work for her family day in and day out but would never yield to tiredness. But what about her son. She does want him to look better in front of the other kids. His friends would carry the fashion with them in shoes, clothes, watches and would pompously show to her son. She didn't want him to feel low so she would work harder and save everything she could get. And when she would think that the effort is not productive enough then she would open her box of creative genius. She would tailor the clothes of her kids by herself in such a way that when the shirt get flipped it would turn into a different one. She would make the capris off the old pants so that when the friends of his son would come to play in their shorts then he would not lag behind in resemblance. She would cut his hair when he would be asleep and would turn her boy with the coolest style of fashion. She would tell her son that fashion is not everything yet she understands the child's heart and thus would try to keep him par with fashion. I just wish the boy may he break the shackles of poverty and surprise her mother with the most fashionable jewelry that could match her gray hair with all the exuberance.
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    Wow what a thread from the author connecting to the tow topic which reminds me of every mother who would save for the future, burying her desire and wants and thus we can find most of the mothers who were fashionable before marriage has slowly curtailed their expenses and instead seen spending on their children to improve their looks and be good in fashion. A mother always carry for the daughter and gets her all the fashion accessories and for the son she would suggest him limit the desire. Nevertheless sometimes both the son and daughter do get attention fashion wise and the mother always compromise.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice way of expression. Parents always wants their children do good and appear good. In that pursuit they never bother to take pains for fulfilling the wishes of their wards. Fashio is a luxury for a mother in her own case, but when it comes to her children's he never feel it as a luxury .She somehow manages to see that her son's and daughters will always be happy and look good in the society.

    Ourparents always struggle a lot to bring all of us up in our society.

    A very nice expression

    always confident

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