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    Society fashioned me!

    Take a look at me
    Oh! Human society
    You fashioned me
    like I wasn't meant to be
    You gave me wings to soar
    I will never remain on floor
    I will scale heavens with these
    But nothing lasts for long
    Society was far too strong

    I had to follow rules
    Designed by a privileged few
    And led an oppressed life throughout I lived
    You gave me wings to soar
    Which I can't use anymore
    I was so very oppressed by you
    Raised by you, enraged by you
    Lost in you,found in you
    I have no place to go but you
    Society was too strong
    It fashioned me all wrong

    I had to play an inappropriate role
    I had to maintain a status quo
    I had to bury all of my dreams
    Because they won't be real anymore
    You gave me a caste and branded me outcast
    For I didn't act according to the rules you passed
    You compelled me to revolt
    And overthrow your goals
    But I lost completely in front of you
    Nothing lasts for long
    Society fashioned me wrong

    Considering only my birth
    You gave me a role to live
    You only wanted who fitted well
    In your tightly knit society
    So you fashion them
    And train them for their lives
    So they can be what they never chose to be
    They silently work and serve for you
    You made well-tailored roles we could fit in
    You fashioned humans merely as mannequins
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    Aditya Mohan, Written very nicely. Yes it is true. Society is making the fashion. What is society. Society is a group of people. A group of people are making the fashion. If a group follows a certain aspect, that will become the Fashion of the day. A group sheeps going on a street. All follow the same path. If one sheep changes the direction., another two or three follow that, By seeing this group the remaining sheeps will follow them, The people are like that, They follow a few characters on the screen and start following the same in the society. The remaining follow the suit.
    always confident

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    Well the influence of society over our daily life, looks, behavior and even conversing and talking is high and that cannot be avoided but we can always maintain a balance of over interference of society culture into our life provided we have inner apatite to stop unwanted intrusion of society fashion.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What a poetic rythm and expression! Very true and nicely elaborated. Society has a lot of influence on us. Frankly speaking we are always scared what other people will say or what other people will comment or what other people will think of us if we do something which does not fit their yardstick.

    There are many compulsions created by society on us and under their pressure we have to yield many times and also conform to expectations of society from us.

    If one is well to do than society expects him to be well dressed, having latest model car, showing costly gadgets and things like that. If he does not comply than they will treat him just like one of them and will not accept that he is rich. Looks funny but if society wants you to be fashionable, you have to be.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Aditya Moha, I enjoyed the lines yo penned(posted). Some free thoughts. Not necessary to analyse or criticise it. Straight rendering of what comes to mind. Good efforts.

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