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    Fashion is what we follow

    Fashion is not defined in any particular way and it is a flow of trend which we like to follow. Usually people follow the things in the name of fashion but just think- 'who defines fashion?' The new things which we like and start following becomes fashion for all and apart from few, others follow the same blindly for the sake of Fashion.
    Should we accept anything served to us in the name of Fashion? No, we should not obviously.
    We have power to define the fashion the way we want, then why should we blame others for some fashionable things which are out of line for us. Start thinking rationally before following anything and save our culture from disastrous effects of blindly trending 'Fashion'. If we will start thinking this way, we will be able to deliver great things to our coming generations.

    This is my entry for TOW contest for the week 25th June – 1st July 2017: 'Fashion'
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    Yes, It is true. We have to see that we will go after wrong doings in the name of fashion and should not bring down our tradition and culture. If we start thinking in this direction we can save the next generation from the evil effects of these influences.
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    Yes I agree with the author. If I follow the fashion of others whether in respect of hair style, clothing, dressing statement or even walking, the initiator is the winner. In fact every one of us are the great initiator of fashion. If you go to any marriage or function with a good design jewel or ear drops , whether it is gold covering or real gold, the moment people stare at you and inquire about the good design, that is the indication that you have won the hearts of others in fashion and they are likely to ape. But aping the good fashion is never a bother. However we should not ape the fashion in the name of scantily worn clothes.
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    Following the fashion blindly is one major reason for its fast propagation. In blind race of fashion we lose our identity. The author has rightly pointed out that we should not succumb to the pressure of fashion on us rather use our judgement to pick things which are really useful and to our taste.

    There are people who are firm in their mind to decide what they want and are not affected by outside forces of show-off world. These people are the real winners and we should learn these splendid ways of life from them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Exactly, literally right. Fashion is that we follow from some others. Many of the threads and responses have pointed to that only.

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