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    How to be popular with friends or in society?

    Man is a social animal and he can not live without friends or society. Even those who are very introvert and private can not escape from the friendship gestures of their neighbors, colleages or other persons with whom they occasionally meet or transact personal or official/company work.

    When you are among some people and interacting with them it is natural that discussions and even confrontations will be their and occasionally these can turn into ugly shape also. These situations create bitterness also in the relations.

    It means if we want to avoid such unnecessary quarrels we have to be careful in our talks and gestures with our friends or to that matter anyone in the society. That could be a way for ncordial mutual existance and also make a person popular in society.

    What are your views or ways to become popular in society or with friends.
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    It is quite simple and easy. If you want to be popular among your friends in ever demanding position daily, try to spend money on them. They will praise you for your every act, every achievement and even console for every failures or setbacks. Likewise if you want to get good name in the society , do things for free. For example where ever you are staying and want to pay the public utility bills or any other government concerned departmental activities, take the works of other members of the society and attend to it. You will be remembered and most sought after in every meeting and gathers respect.
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    I feel one should be a good listener and must possess the ability to remain calm no matter what the situation is.
    These days, everyone likes to talk and nobody wants to listen. People like to boast about their achievements to others but based on the same behavior, the other people don't want to listen but they want to boast about their own achievements. So, if you are a good listener, everyone will automatically start liking you as you are giving boost to their ego by being interested in their stories.

    If you always remain calm, you will never be involved in an argument. When you are calm, you can think properly, analyse the situation in a better way and react accordingly. Even if you get involved in a quarrel, you will always have a good response to resolve the matter.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    I think you drifted in your thread. Your title speaks about popularity while you talk about avoiding bitter conversations.
    I'll go with the title and the first paragraph. How to be popular in the society? Be optimistic. Never say "no" to stuff.
    Because the more you do, the more you'll have to tell. The more work you do, the more people you meet. The better you work, the popular you are. So say "yes" when you are offered.
    You know what? You either have to be a paradigm of perfection or an utterly clumsy person to be popular.
    Because people only notice the best and worst examples.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    If one wants to be popular in society or with friends then it requires lot of sacrificing. There will be many friends or people in the society who are rude and some of them may even misbehave so one has to handle them politely and patiently and it is definitely a very very patient job.

    Only a very gentle, understanding, unselfish and helping person may achieve this herculean task of making his friends and society people happy.

    It appears difficult but not impossible to achieve this behavior dynamics and with practice and patience can be adopted in ones overall mannerism.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Popularity comes with your acts. If you go on helping the needy, those people will rember you and praise you before others when chance comes.
    Dress differently and look differently you may become popular in your area.
    Helping in the sense need not be financial help, you can help them in many ways. If you are travelling to a new place where a particular item is very well known and if the neibhour wants you to bring it, if you respond positively, you will become popular. You can take the price of the product from him. There will not be any problem.
    If there is a temple or place of worship in your area, they may perform different types of function there. If you volunteer your services there, you will become very popular in that area.
    So there are many ways to become popular without spending much money but spending sometime.

    always confident

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    We cannot please everyone. So it is better to take up such artificial exercise to please an individual or a group. We have to be ourselves. We should keep values and be polite, decent,civil, sincere etc which are normally taught by our parents and teachers. If we sincerely and practise them with conviction, we need not bother about what others think about us and whether we are popular or not.

    Of course, in the teen ages and when we are odd-man-out in some group in early stages we may feel bad and try to do things even artificially just to belong to the group and get acceptance. But if we have our own talents and abilities and hard work all those will not be necessary and we may get acceptance gradually.

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