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    When others progress why should you delimit yourself ?

    In this competition world every mark counts and every day counts. If you are absent for one day you have lost the opportunity to learn for that day and that will have the effect on your learning process. Normally we do watch the progress made by others and even applaud them for the endeavors and target achieved. But we never ever probe ourselves and try to explore the talent within us. When others could easily surge ahead why not you and me. If this kind of competitive mind takes center stage then the performance would be better than expected.
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    Personally, I don't believe in the theory of competition. I feel competition creates bitterness among friends, also it is not good for an individual. Suppose, you get sick and are not able to go to school/college/job or anywhere you should be; if you are that competitive, you will start getting worried that the other person will get ahead of me. It will have no good affect on you and will just make the situation worse.
    I believe that one should set a personal benchmark that I have to achieve this much by this time and focus on that only; one should not care how much the other person has achieved; everyone is different and have different capabilities. So, if you have achieved your goal, be satisfied and set a bigger one for the next time.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Life is a continuous struggle and we must fight and do our best effort to make it meaningful and renumerative. Whether others are not doing efforts or performing better than us has nothing to do with our tempo. Sustained efforts and persistancy of purpose is required if one wants to achieve the goals. Goals may be small or big seriousness of efforts should not decline.

    There are people who argue that competition is very high and lots of qualified people are sitting idle so they will not try for something which as per their calculations is not achievable. This is an escapist attitude. One has to remember that if one does a lot of effort for a particular objective and the objective is not achieved then the labour does not go waste as the knowledge and techniques acquired will be helpful in materializing other objects.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Competition is required in some cases. Benchmarking and goal setting is needed in some cases. Your education always increases with competition. There your bench mark should be 100%. Elders say you will shine in education only when you have a good competition. If in your class everybody is getting 50% of marks, if you get 51% you are the topper there. You will become complacent. Instead of that if your percentage is 78 and the topper is getting 80% you will work hard and try to cross him. There you are giving a competition to him and it is good.

    But in other aspects of our life we can have goals and bench marks and try to attain that. We need not worry about others. Are we happy,are we leading a decent life and are we taking care for our retired life? If the answers are yes for the above question you need not worry about others. You can try to attain your benchmark.

    always confident

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