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    Why ' Oh my God" , why not " Oh our God " ?

    When someone achieves something extra ordinary or gets the things beyond our imagination, we react with exclamation as oh my God !. In social media such reactions could be find on daily basis. What my question is that when the God is common to all and we pray daily why should not we say oh our God , which would be appropriate. I would call upon the learned members to react to this post in their own way. But please do not deviate from the topic and give your appropriate answer or reactions.
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    Oh my god...! What a great thread you arose Mr.k mohan in another exclamation, oh our god..!What a great thread you arose.....

    See in my there is a lots of difference between two exclamations one difference is that in the first exclamation I feel very close in relation with God because using pronoun my. But in another exclamation I am feeling that there are many another and I am one of the others who are in close relation with God.
    The first exclamation makes feel better and more positive and great feeling of devinity. But the second making me to feel less positive and not giving as much satisfaction as the first one.
    See in my view it is very better to remember god in your own way which satisfy you and God also satisfied by you.
    It is better to pray for another including you then praying for your own.
    So while remembering god remember him as your single and while praying or wishing or asking pray like there are many other who needs their wishes get true including you.

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    Sohail shaik...

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    I have always thought of OMG to read as 'Oh My Goodness' or 'Oh! My Gosh'. For me, and many others I know, 'Oh! My God' is not an expression, to use.

    To use it as a phrase and an exclamation is considered sacrilegious and against the tenets of Christianity, because we do not take God's name in vain. It is one of the Ten Commandments. "Thou shall not take thy God's name in vain". So, swearing by God or taking His name as an exclamation is incorrect. Most literary works also, use goodness or gosh, instead of God. Very rarely have I come across the phrase as described by you, being used by native speakers of the language or those who are proficient in it.

    The phrase if used is done to beseech God or in prayer - not to show our astonishment. Some people do use it and the phrase probably has its roots in Christianity, as we often reflect in prayer and say, My Lord and My God.

    My God, because He is my God and I am praying or looking at Him for succour.

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    Very amusing thread. It seems that people have their own God to rely upon or believe upon or to whom they can cmplain. They do not have faith in common God or other peoples God. It may look surprising but it is what most of us practice.

    So in our exclamation we utter 'oh my God' rather saying ' oh our God'.

    This particular exclaimation is very popular in society and whenever we feel that something has happened which should not have happened then this exclaimation comes out involuntarily.

    Even the atheist the non believers in God use it frequently and do not understand that by saying this they indirectly agreeing to His presence or existance.

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    Oh my God, Oh our God. This my properity we say when we have some land on our name. We will not it is our land. Because it completely belongs to us and we have every right on us. In the same we are owning God by saying Oh My God. It gives you feeling that you are very near to you. If you have 100 rupees in your purse you can spend it. You need not take anyone's permission. Same when you say My God, you are indicating that he is your's you can ask him anything you want. If God is yours you can pray him for others also. Always it gives a close feeling when we say My.
    But pray God for everybody.

    always confident

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    I was using OMG in the sense of Oh My Goodness. Generally I am habituated to use My Goodness! in exclamation. After joining the internet forums I started using OMG in the same sense and feeling.

    But for many individuals it may appear more natural to take as Oh My God. Even in many languages we exclaim with the words equivalent of My Go. So it will be just normal and natural to take OMG as Oh, My God!.

    But many prayer songs and verses have the collective plural denoting we ,our or us in them.It is only when we atone for our wrong doings and ask for pardon that we use the first person singular as I , me or my.

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    Oh my God, sorry Oh our God, never expected such good responses for this thread,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    We are divided by religion and God. My God cannot be your God or our God. If there is only one God in this world, we can say Oh Our God. Since we have different God for different religion, caste and community and sect, we cannot go away from calling Oh My God. Each and everyone of us have a family deity to worship and pray. Even a single religion has too many Gods. Let a day come when we can put all our Gods together and call them one good God. Then we will say "Oh Our God."

    I have seen people saying " My God is a good God - My God is a powerful God - My God is moving ahead of me - My God only can save me - My God never fails - and much more to add about their God.

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    As told by Sun, if we moved in TN atleast the other side of Cauvery(I always see the culture and practices) are same on either side of cauvery( which divides TN into two halves) there exists one separate God and its temple exclusively for one caste and even we can see the board as Kuladeivam Koil(deity for particular caste) and mostly those temples will be visited by the said castes. There are some communities always visits any kind of temples will surely feel the way the priest treat.

    So not only religion but there exists many gods for each community and caste and unless and until the mind set of people changed to god is one and he existed every where and for which again God has to prove like Narasimha Avatar. That reminds me when I visited a locally popular Swamiji who always says even God appears before us we may not believe and ask for his ID card(Now may be aadhaar card).

    OMG we may not take it as Oh my God it will only be Oh My Goodness.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A small doubt. If OMG is 'Oh My Goodness' used to wonder something good, Can we use OMB "Oh My Badness" to wonder something bad?

    No life without Sun

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