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    Fashion is form of ugliness

    As days are moving our lifestyle is changing and in my view development is good when it is beautiful and great and forms a great human resource. But one thing is that simple and satisfied life gives you happy in every environment.
    Fashion is not at all bad if it is in moderate condition i mean what we are wearing, eating, doing, seeing all these are good untill they look ugly.
    Now a days fashion is really form of ugliness. We that is youth is making so many wrong things in fluff of fashion for example making haircut which makes them looks like devil, wearing which shows Thier parts, eating unhealthy foods, smoking, alcohol, riding bikes very speed, taking selfies iwith life risk, bunking colleges, making more girlfriends, flirting and raggging etc..
    They are that it is fashion but it is not. It is a misbehaviour and wrong leading in life.
    They even don't have any goals to reach and I have they always quarrel with parents, simply living Thier lifes which not useful for this world.
    So Fashion is really form of ugliness if they think all the above things are fashion.

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    Fashion has many forms and its ugly form is really disgusting. There are many good ways a person dresses and some of them are fashionable also. So adhering to fashion in good ways is not a bad thing. In functions and social gathering the well dressed families look not only fashionable but also dignified.

    Unfortunately some elements in society have given fashion a bad turn and in the name of fashion they are going beyond the limits of acceptability. The young generation is also to be blamed for their blind following of fashion.

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    It is very true fashion is becoming an enemy to the world. Especially the youth is going beyond its limits. The behaviour is also indicates your nature. So we should behave ana appear reasonably. But these days the youth is not able to understand the limits. Which is good for them and which is bad is not being differentiated. Really a unwanted development.

    Not only youth, even the aged also are behaving like that only. A65 year old man wearing half phant and roaming on the roads. A 60 years old lady wearing nighty in the afternoon and walking on the road. Appears very. Odd. Fashion is required for people to project themselves nicely but not to exceed limits.

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    I think it is all in the mind. We look at how other people dress, based on our understanding of fashion. What one finds ugly, is stylish for someone else.

    I am not touching upon ragging and riding bikes at high speed, because they are offences, whereas, fashion is a style statement. How one chooses to dress is a personal choice.

    Someone has an objection to older men wearing shorts. How is that wrong, is beyond my comprehension. While I, myself, never wear nightwear outside, or beyond a certain time of the morning, I do not see why someone else wearing it is a problem. A nightie covers a woman's entire body. It is a loose flowing garment. It is not obscene, by any definition. So, you see it is just our mental block that makes us judge people and their dressing.

    Fashion is a very personal choice. Everyone has their own style and comfort level. In forming opinions, we display our rigidity. Everyone does not have to conform to our style and sense of dressing.

    Live and let live.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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