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    Too much of anything is never advisable

    In any aspect, we should know where to start and where to stop. Otherwise it may invite many problems.

    To cite some examples- Rubber will stretch to its capacity. If you stretch it beyond its capacity it will break into two pieces.
    A cat may have lot of fear. But if you try to keep it in a closed room and beat it, it will surely retaliate.
    Lord Krishna tolerated the scoldings of Kamsa to a great extent. But once he went beyond the limits, he started counting till 100 and once he crossed 100, he killed him.
    If you go on eating beyond your capacity you will be left with indigestion or other stomach problems.

    Similarly any difference of opinion also can be discussed but we should not go beyond a limit. It will lead to misunderstandings.

    In any aspect, results will be negative if one crosses the limits.

    Any views on this?
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    A nice thread brought out by the author.

    Its very true that we must limit our activities to their limits. Going beyond limits is disastrous.

    People doing things in a balanced way are the ultimate winners. They know their limits in each case and adhere to that. Whatever be the activity balanced approach is always rewarding.

    Nature is also like that, we have different seasons, all balanced out nicely. Imagine what will happen if it rains throughout the year or it is cloudy all the year around. Nature also wants balance and we must respect this aspect in our activities.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Malyalam saying" Adhikamaayaal Amritavum visham"- if exceeded even Amrit(Amrut) also becomes poison.

    Amrut is the elixir. Just because of that one should not exceed. There is a tolerance threshold for everything. Our body has threshold fo each thing it comes into contact. Just because Laddu is very sweet we cannot go on eating that .After some quantity we feel not to take it. In case we force it inside the stomach throws it out by vomiting or purging.
    Everything has its limit. The thread explain this citing good examples.

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    I fully agree. Too much of anything is never advisable. However, I have a serious question in this regard. If too much of anything is not advisable (I also agree), then how can we explain the Sanskrit adage:"Adhikantu Nah Doshaya"?

    Can any Member kindly clarify the issue?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Yes it is the universal fact that anything beyond the limit has to earn the wrath of opposite persons or those who have affected. The author did gave elaborate examples and in this regard I wish to add that even the honey which is good for our health if taken more will have side effect and our health gets upset. Likewise the common man in India is the most sober and silent person, but when gets anger after a limit of taking the things into his stride, then no one can control the mob which goes on rampage, When too much of anything is not advisable, it is clear that we have to in limit and expect the worst to happen if crossed the limit.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After seeing the thread title my immediate thought of saying in Tamil 'Alavukku adhikamaanaal amirthamum visham' but also my second thought said, surely this phrase would be shared by some Tamil known members and after opening it, I could see the malayalam version of the same. This proves that members of like minded are shared here but some times felt when we are very active and much addicted to it, there are many misunderstandings and fight between members which again proves the title.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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