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    "Why sanitary pads are not exempted from GST?"

    The Goods and Services Tax is about to roll out in few hours. The sanitary pads which are essential for the hygiene of women are taxed at 12% in GST. The items like bangles, bindis, sindoor are exempted from GST whereas an essential item like sanitary pads is being taxed. Ms Sushmita Dev, Member of Parliament from Silchar sent a petition to the Finance Minister through an organisation called More than 3 lakh people signed the petition seeking exemption under GST for sanitary pads. I am also one of the signatories for the petition. More than 80% of women are not in a position to use them as they are not affordable for them. Hope better sense will prevail and the sanitary pads are also exempted from GST.
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    This is the valid complaint lodged by Change.Org and government must consider their request and exempt the sanitary pads from huge tax. How come women Ministers in Modi governement are keeping quiet on this matter ? On the one hand government wants to give sops and reservations to women in all fronts, on the other hand their basic requirement of life has been sidelined and hugely taxed. Every women has been affected and the Finance Minister must make last minute announcement before the GST comes into effect from the midnight of 30th June at the stroke of 12 am.
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    I will go one step ahead. I would say that the sanitary pads should be made available free of cost to the women of our country. It is an essential non stop item that every female between the age group of 13 and 50 needs them. One or two or three free sanitary pad for one lady for one month will not cost much to the government. Mr. Modi should realise this and exempt it from GST, and consider issue of free pads to the women of India. This can be included in the Swachch Bharath Project and paid from that fund..
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    The suggestion of Mr Sun is very valid one. The Government should consider the free supply of this item.
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    Finance Minister may definitely consider the petition of Ms Sushmita Dev, Member of Parliament from Silchar. They may exempt this item also for tax concession. To Consider Mr. Sun's request somebody has to make a petition and get it signed by many people. Let us hope for the best
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    When the country wanted to control the birth rate, they issued condoms free of cost. It was available in every nook and corner of India. Similarly, to have a clean India and clean Indians, we need to have sanitary pads which should also be issued free of cost.
    Mr. Rao & Rao,
    Very Many Thanks for supporting my proposal.

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    There is a demand for reducing or removing GST on sanitary pads. Anytime Govt can give consent or rejection on that. It is hoped that there will be a decision on this issue soon.

    Whatever GST rates are announced they are for some time and a review will be there shortly to recaliberate these rates as per business houses expectations as well as common mans perspective. Everything needs review and impact of GST regime on economics of the country is not known today. Only coming times will tell the efficacy of this new regime.

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    It is definitely a justified demand. Sanitary pads must be exempted from GST. This is very much necessary for the hygiene of ladies, particularly laies of lower economic strata or for the ladies of semi-urban and rural areas, who use the sanitary napkins very rarely.

    So far as the campaign of Susmita Dev, who is an MP and daughter of Late Santosh Mohan Dev- a very popular leader of Silchar, I would state that this is opportunistic. She never uttered a word when the Finance Ministers of UPA regime occasionally imposed more tax on this particular item.

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    A good move by MP of silichar.

    As a general point of view, this manufacturing is still under the secret of foreign land and members may please go through this article about how this man has struggled to manufacture the same and people may utilise the opportunity of utilising this kind instead. But now he has become internationally recognized entrepreneur.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The efforts of Ms Sushmita Dev, first-time Member of Parliament from Silchar cannot be termed as opportunistic. Leaving the politics apart, her efforts to get something done for the health and hygiene of women is commendable. Mrs Maneka Gandhi also supported the efforts of Ms Dev. Sushmita Dev is trying to raise funds in her constituency to set up vending machines for the supply of sanitary napkins at an affordable rate. She has also started a campaign of awareness to educate the women in her constituency for the use of sanitary napkins for their health and hygiene. Any effort in the right direction by our elected representatives should be encouraged irrespective of political affiliations.
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