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    Cigarette smoking is injurious to heath

    we all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and most of the places banners also paste to remember us that the habit is not good

    And In most of the places in India cigarette is ban in the place or a banner is posted their that cigarette smoking is not allowed

    In India in some state alcohol is ban but cigarette is not why i think through this government earn a huge revenue from cigarette making factories or company.

    Is this possible to Ban Cigarette in India where 70% people male or female both are smokers
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    Yes I too agree with the author that when the alcohol could be banned why not complete ban on cigarette. But unfortunately every state government and central government is earning huge tax on every puff being exhaled by a smoker and thus no government would be interested to stop the earning spree for free. No matter every pack of cigarette has the statutory warning and every smoker do know that they are marching towards slower death sooner or later, many for the pleasure, and some for the thinking aspect and others simply smoke because they cannot withdraw from the habit. If the government can impose huge tax to curb the smokers, it can very well ban the Industries making cigarettes. But no central government had the guts to do so for obvious reasons. Some times I feel that government wants such Industries to check the population growth too ?
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    Cigarette smoking injurious to health of not only the smoker but also the neighbor. In case of drinking it will spoil only the person who is drinking. But the smoker is leaving lot of gases into the air which will be inhaled by the neighbor, so he will also get a problem. So one should not allow to smoke near us. Government has banned smoking in public places, But no where it is followed seriously.

    Government can't ban cigarette smoking because there will be a heavy dip in the income to government, One thing can be implemented which comes to mind is don't sell loose. A retail liquor shop can't give 1 peg or 2 pegs. So they have to purchase full bottle, In the same cigarette also can be sold as box only. In such case many college students can't afford to buy one packet and carry in their pocket. Many may find it difficult to purchase as the rates are very high. In such case high school students and college students nay find it difficult and may stop smoking. May be practicable or not I don't know.

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