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    And at the stroke of midnight today, India's tryst with GST destiny !

    Indeed a historic day for India today ie 30th June, as the both the houses of Parliament would meet at the central hall and pass the GST as official and it takes into effect from 12.00 am 1st July 2017. While Congress and other opposition parties want to boycott this event, Union Minister Arun Jailtley has invited every party to be the part of this historic launch of one nation one tax regime. Normally meeting at midnight in Parliament wont happen and the last one was on the day of India getting Independence and the announcement was made by Jawaharlal Nehru with Tryst of Destiny speech. And today PM Modi would hog the limelight with Tryst with GST.
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    It is a revolution in taxation system. Gst will make the process easy and everybody will pay tax without hesitation. One country one tax system coming to reality. Finally if you put together all your expenses , it may become an advantage for a middle class family also I think. Really a historic moment. Why Congress is avoiding the launching I don't know. Again it is Mr,Modi who made to happen. A man of actions. Really we should appreciate this government for making these things to happen. Another point I have noted from Mr.Mohan is it is the 2nd time that meeting in parliament is happening in midnight. Mr. Arun and Mr.Modi, a good combination.
    Let us hope all the citizens of India will be beneficial with this system.

    always confident

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    We should welcome this historic change from multi taxing to one tax system. One country One tax is good for the nation and will have no confusion. All opposition parties should join together and hail this GST system. They should participate , not boycott. When GST will be tasteful like sweet honey, opposition parties will taste bitter in the minds of Indians. Opposition parties should have valid reasons to oppose the bill. If not, they will be nil in future.
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    Ruling Party always they do a gala opening to such things to high light their victory whether it helps people or not. People also easily attracted to such hype of the political parties thinking that some thing that benefit them. After tasting the affects only the reality of the results of GST can be known and till then one say it is best and other argue it is worst. Anyway governments always extract as much tax as possible from the people and it is the reality. They don't see whether it affects poor people, middle class people or average people. Already so many sectors like Textile, weaving, business, real estate are taking bandh to oppose GST. From Saturday on wards banking service charges increase by 3%.

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    This is a great step indeed. GST will replace existing taxes and streamline the tax process. There was lot of confusion in the present tax regime due to various taxes at different places and levels. The foreign countries were not able to trade with India comfortably because of that complexity. Now we hope that many things will be rationalised in GST regime.

    One thing which is of paramount importance is that GST being a one place and one time tax will be able to create an atmosphere of better tax compliance.

    This eventually will also help in arresting the accumulation of black money through illegal processes. The computerisation and online filing will be an added advantage for tracking of transactions.

    Let us hope that business entities will take it in a positive way and contribute in nation building.

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    Although there are some teething problems on GST, I whole-heartedly welcome this revolutionary tax regime. This would help common people in due course and and at the same time, will make India more inustry-friendly.

    It is, no doubt, a histroic reform, and a feather in the cap of present Government.

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    If the common poor and middle class families are not affected by this GST regime, it will be a boon to Indians, and the people of India will hail the BJP government and say " Long live Modi and continue as PM for second term and third term." Let us wait and see the GST effect on our public.
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    I wonder why should there be so much hype in this regard. It is a system change by integrating a few taxes into one. That is all. We have been experiencing such changes throughout our lives. Old changes and new enters. Then why so much noise and show on this? I am not able to understand at all.

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    In spite of my response above, I had witnessed the live telecast of launch of GST. Yes, GST is launched.
    Now it is our duty to follow and comply the same to the best.

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    Thanks Venkiteshwaran sir for watching the launch of GST and sharing the same at the midnight hours. Yes it is our duty to comply with the new tax regime.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As finance minister Arun Jaitley said
    " earlier India was econamically fragmented, but now there will be one nation, one market and one tax"
    Now by bringing all taxes under one umbrella there will be end to this economic fragmentation. It will not only help farmers to get desired amounts for there products, but also help in the emopwerment of lower middle class and middle class economically.

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    It is an irony that Sri Modi who vehemently opposed GST on different grounds when the proposal was made by Sri Pranab Mukherjee when he was the finance minister in the UPA government had made the choice of implementing the same now and had Sri Mukherjee, now the President of India, addressing the special session. It is indeed a good move and the government has already taken an anticipatory bail in this regard saying that shortcomings cannot be ruled out in such a huge exercise and it may take some time to put everything in place and I think it is a positive move. We may have to bear with some difficulties in the beginning stage but hopefully GST will settle down fast.

    The main reason for the Congress boycotting the meet was, reportedly, the decision of the Modi government to organize the launch in a special session to be held at midnight. It was only on two occasions when a special session of the Parliament was convened earlier- the historic session when India was declared Independent and the celebration of fifty years of freedom. The unwarranted urge on the part of the government to equate the announcement of GST with the declaration of our freedom is, at the most, another political strategy and in one way an attempt (intended or otherwise) to demean the freedom struggle and so, cannot be taken positively.

    GST is good and may help India economically, but to cite it as an historic event is naive.

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    It was not necessary to organise this event at midnight in the central parliament hall. This should have been done the way demonetization was announced by Modi on TV at 2000 hrs. Modi should have a day and time to schedule such important events. Probably it should be a Friday and the time should be 2000 hrs. We can call it as Modi day and Modi Time.
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    @602116 ,"It is an irony that Sri Modi who vehemently opposed GST on different grounds when the proposal was made .....". Not just this alone, but many other matters (example Aadhaar) which were vehemently opposed and publicly campaigned against by BJP and Modi have been implemented with much more vigour and veracity by the present NDA government led by Modi. That is what baffles me.

    Is it because wisdom dawns only when you are on the hot seat? Or is it that there is nothing new and creative to do that the earlier path is simply followed? Sorry I don't know.

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